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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

insigne Design (+)   21/02/2011

On my way to India with my fiancé, now wife and (that’s entirely different story that I will go into in a later blog posting) I had the opportunity to see "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps on the in-flight entertainment. To my pleasant surprise, Aviano Sla (+)

Aviano Future in Febuary's Rising Stars

insigne Design (+)   10/02/2011

Still 1/3rd off for a limited time! (+)

New from insigne: Mynaruse

insigne Design (+)   20/04/2010

Mynaruse is an elegant and regal roman inscriptional titling family. It has sharp and elongated serifs that give the face extra punch. The face shines in settings that call for elegance and splendor. Mynaruse’s six weights range from a fine, delicate thin (+)

New from insigne: Eigerdals

insigne Design (+)   06/04/2010

Eigerdals is a pleasant and visually warm sans-serif type family. Eigerdahl is a soft and amiable face, perfect for when you want to convey a relaxed and pleasant feeling. Eigerdals features a smooth, brushed impression and a tall x-height. The characters (+)

New from insigne: Sildetas

insigne Design (+)   16/03/2010

Sildetas is an elegant high-contrast script face. Sildetas was conceived as non-connected, high-contrast and ultra heavy script, as best exemplified by the Black weight. However, it was too much of a temptation to design a hairline variant, and this explo (+)

Yummo Yogurt + Smoothies

insigne Design (+)   26/02/2010

A new identity by Tad Carpenter, using Pauline throughout.Tad's blog, with process info and more shots.A Flikr Page with more shots.Good Ol' Pauline. (+)

New from insigne: Sommet Slab

insigne Design (+)   09/02/2010

The Sommet family of typefaces has been updated with a new slab serif variant. Expanding on Sommet’s successful design principals, Sommet Slab is there when you need more impact and power. Sommet Slab is available with six weights and complementary italic (+)

Russell Crowe, meet Aviano

insigne Design (+)   08/02/2010

Robin Hood, from Ridley Scott, with Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, uses Aviano for the movie logotype: (+)

New from insigne: Youngblood Antique

insigne Design (+)   02/02/2010

Youngblood Antique is a distressed non-connected formal script with tall, sweeping ascenders. Three variants are available, including an inked regular font, a font drawn with a dry brush and a distressed, grungy version. Sixty-four OpenType ligatures add (+)

New from insigne: Aviano Flare!

insigne Design (+)   19/01/2010

The Aviano series returns with a flared semi-serif.Aviano Flare’s subtly curved forms lend refinement and luxurious elegance to your designs. Aviano’s foundational extended classical forms give the face strength and power.Aviano Flare is a versatile new a (+)

New from insigne: Serofina!

insigne Design (+)   12/01/2010

Serofina is an adaptable and fluid connected script with plenty of alternate flourish options. From clean and flowing to cute and frilly, Serofina can do it.The Serofina family comes with four weights, including a unique hairline, which makes it a versati (+)

Terrible Yellow Eyes

insigne Design (+)   06/01/2010

I've been posting updates regarding Cory Godbey's Maurice Sendak tribute "Terrible Yellow Eyes" for many months. However, Cory recently decided to complete the project. Terrible Yellow Eyes posted it's final submissions January 1st. Head on over to see th (+)

New from insigne: Blue Goblet Emblems!

insigne Design (+)   05/01/2010

The designer-favorite Blue Goblet family has grown with Blue Goblet Emblems. Blue Goblet Emblems are unique and abstract symbols that are rendered in Cory Godbey’s unique illustration style.These creative and dynamic ornaments can be resized easily withou (+)

New from insigne: Chennai Slab!

insigne Design (+)   28/10/2009

Chennai Slab is an extension of the original Chennai. Chennai Slab is a simplified slab serif with over sixty OpenType alternates. These alternates include alternates for the ball terminals, unique simplified alternates and more traditional capital forms. (+)

Sovba: a friendly rounded sans-serif inspired by handwriting.

insigne Design (+)   13/10/2009

Sovba is an amiable rounded sans-serif inspired by handwriting. Sovba is useful for a look that is uniquely casual, fresh and smooth. Sovba simplifies character forms down to their basic characteristics, and has a strong, silky smooth forward motion.Sovba (+)

New from insigne: Blue Goblet Florals

insigne Design (+)   15/09/2009

The designer-favorite Blue Goblet family has grown with the addition of Blue Goblet Florals. Blue Goblet Florals are flowing and abstract ornaments that resemble foliage or flowers rendered in Cory Godbey’s unique illustration style. More… These fresh and (+)

Twitteroundup Week 36

insigne Design (+)   10/09/2009

DesignWoman Fired For Causing Disharmony in Workplace by Using Angry Fonts. Just don't do it, folks. Use happy fonts. interessant. Inspired by this, I sent in a suggestion to for "Find fonts by what's popular in your ar (+)

Twitteroundup Week 35

insigne Design (+)   02/09/2009

DesignCraigslist makeover mockups.Rodger Federer's Monogram: second after Tiger's. More inspiration from fashion (Bodoni) than sport. via @pentagramdesign100 Years of Visual Effects. But why is there a 10 year gap between Jurassic Park and Spiderman? So m (+)

Change It Back, IKEA.

insigne Design (+)   31/08/2009

The Verdana-Futura beat down is a big deal. Whodathunk it. I’m a big Futura fan. Like Futura a lot of my work is based on classical proportions and is geometric. Futura conveys sophistication with simplicity which makes it a perfect choice for IKEA. Verda (+)

insigne Newsletter

insigne Design (+)   27/08/2009

I'm starting up the insigne newsletter. I've tried this in the past, but my custom sign up page was making it impossible to sign up! Subscribe to our newsletter for monthly information on our new releases, a promotion schedule and the chance to win the in (+)

Twitteroundup! Week 34

insigne Design (+)   24/08/2009

InterestingLuscher Color Diagnostik personality test. So accurate, I can't share the results. More info. via @WiltonfoundryDesign and InspirationMini-Luxury Living: 10 Small Homes Built on Tiny Islands via @dornobdesignPeter de Sève now has a blog! via @c (+)

Aviano Didone on Typography Served

insigne Design (+)   19/08/2009

I'm pretty excited about this, since this is one of my favorite typography blogs. Check it out. (+)

Aviano Didone

insigne Design (+)   10/08/2009

The Aviano series returns with a Didone or Modern face. Aviano Didone’s high contrast forms lend elegant beauty, luxury and romance to your designs and it’s extended letterforms provide strength and power. Aviano’s foundational classical forms give the f (+)

Sommet Rounded Updated

insigne Design (+)   07/08/2009

Sommet Rounded has been updated with new weights, Heavy and Thin. Also, there are new alternates and most importantly, Cyrillic language support. Available for 1/3rd off for a limited time. (+)

Aviano Didone Critique: Last Chance!

insigne Design (+)   28/07/2009

Let me hear your comments over at Typophile. (+)

Aviano Didone

insigne Design (+)   22/07/2009

There is a critique of Aviano Didone in progress over at Typophile. Weigh in here.And, for your viewing pleasure, I give you Aviano Didone's "Turbo Chicken." (+)

New from insigne: Natalya Monoline

insigne Design (+)   07/07/2009

Natalya Monoline is the rounded monolinear companion to Natalya. Like its predecessor, Natalya Monoline has a smooth rhythm and flows fluidly, due in no small part to its reliance on the golden spiral for its ornate swirls. This makes for an especially ha (+)


insigne Design (+)   23/06/2009

InspirationPhotos of stuff slipping into nothingness. Photography by Michel Rajkovic. Would love prints of these. Via @behanceRalph McQuarrie. Love this guy.Gorgeous Examples of Floral Typography Via @Linotype_com.Living Tree Art. Pooktre trees and furnit (+)


insigne Design (+)   16/06/2009

♪The trending topic song continued: Iran, Le Mans. Ahmadinejad, AT&T is a fraud. Iphone, Red Wings go home.♫InspirationAmazing pic from Singapore.Love the above. Unfortunately I can't find the source link. It was via @typegirlPeter deSeve added his tribut (+)

New from insigne: Kidela Sketch

insigne Design (+)   15/06/2009

Kidela Sketch is an energetic and eccentric serif typeface rendered in a sketchy style. The typeface includes 64 auto-replacing discretionary ligatures to extend the natural sketched look, oldstyle figures and small caps. Please see the sample brochure to (+)

Coming Soon: Kidela Sketch

insigne Design (+)   09/06/2009

Just a taste... (+)


insigne Design (+)   08/06/2009

This week on the interwebs, Jay-Z, Palm Pre, playing lots of Sims 3. Air France, Normandie, playing tetris, SAT.Design & InspirationCityscapesMore on the Bing logotype.insigne fonts are packed with OpenType features. Here's a how-to on discretionary ligat (+)

New from insigne: Mittwoch

insigne Design (+)   02/06/2009

Mittwoch is an extended modern serif and a new companion to insigne’s Montag and Dienstag extended sans serifs. Mittwoch conveys a graceful air with its high-contrast letterforms and its ball terminals, but also includes some unique touches that are unexp (+)


insigne Design (+)   01/06/2009

Happenings on Da’ Web*Bing* Bing is live. Logotype is still ugly. Tried it out. Think I will keep Google as my default for now.Wanna know what Google Wave is but don't want to sit through a 1.5 hr vid?Since fonts on the web are the big craze of the moment (+)

Mittwoch Complete

insigne Design (+)   28/05/2009

Mittwoch is complete and off to Here's a taste. Available next week. (+)


insigne Design (+)   26/05/2009

FunKern in Space! Fun little game, reminds me of jetpack. via @duschwartz2A tractor as a drummer in a country band. Country as in Denmark, not Tennessee, but there seems to be some overlap in style.DesignOil and Water mix in high shutter speed photography (+)

Work in Progress: Mittwoch

insigne Design (+)   21/05/2009

Mittwoch work in progress. Modern font with ball terminals and some fun twists (see the e?). Part of my extended Montag and Dienstag line. (+)

New offerings from insigne: Le Havre Rounded and Blue Goblet Frames and Vignettes

insigne Design (+)   20/05/2009

The Le Havre series is a series of geometric sans serifs inspired by the dignified era of the passenger ship, when getting to your destination was a delight in and of itself. Le Havre Rounded is a fun and new interpretation of geometric sans serifs. Le H (+)

Coming Soon: Blue Goblet Frames and Vignettes

insigne Design (+)   19/05/2009

Just a taste of Cory Godbey's Frames and Vignettes. Be sure to check out his tribute to Maurice Sendak over at Terrible Yellow Eyes, including some new guest illustrator posts. (+)


insigne Design (+)   18/05/2009

Misc. StuffWent to North Carolina. Took some pictures.Watched the LOST finale. Darkside Locke = Awesome. Can’t wait for the Aliens to show up next season. I’m only half joking. Most (everyone I've talked to!) say if this happens the show has jumped the sh (+)

Coming Attraction: Le Havre Rounded

insigne Design (+)   13/05/2009

Just a little teaser for my latest, Le Havre Rounded. A follow up to the original geometric sans, Le Havre. Available from MyFonts next week. (+)

Justin Gerard

insigne Design (+)   05/05/2009

Justin Gerard is the man. We played soccer together in college, or I should say he played soccer and I watched from the bench. One time, he said I was his favorite freshman, so I got all kinds of warm fuzzies. I was just a graphic designer, but Justin was (+)


insigne Design (+)   04/05/2009

Time for our first ever Twitteroundup here at insigne. What I twittered about:Found some great movie trailer music to listen to, via Cory Godbey, who also is the author of Blue Goblet, Blue Goblet Ornaments and the upcoming Blue Goblet Vignettes and Frame (+)

New Releases: Olidia and Biscuit Boodle Ornaments!

insigne Design (+)   30/04/2009

I wasn't originally planning to release these simultaneously, but there was a backup in the queue at Olidia should be available shortly for 15% off and Biscuit Boodle Ornaments and Biscuit Boodle are available for 20% off. Enjoy! (+)

Olidia Gold

insigne Design (+)   23/04/2009

Olidia has been submitted to MyFonts. Be sure to check this blog or our twitter feed for the release announcement. (+)

Olida Work in Progress Shots

insigne Design (+)   21/04/2009

Putting some final touches on a new script. Haven't shared any work in progress shots in awhile, so here is a little taste of what's to come. Enjoy! (+)

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