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Joseph Churchward 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   04/03/2009

Joseph Churchward, a New Zealand based type designer, lists some advertising jobs he has done and talks about the digitization and distribution of a few of his typefaces today. Images of the monograph in progress of the life and works of New Zealand type (+)

Joseph Churchward 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   03/03/2009

Joseph Churchward, a New Zealand based type designer, speaks about how he learned hand lettering. He explains the transition from metal type to computer, the influence of Maori on his type design, describes his working process. Joseph Churchward, Type Des (+)

National Grid 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   02/03/2009

Luke Wood and Jonty Valentine express their disenchantment with both professional life and academia; they discuss their current teaching practice and differing approaches to graphic design. They compare over-educated with self-taught designers, talent and (+)

National Grid 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   24/02/2009

Luke Wood and John Valentine speak (on Valentine’s day) about their background and reflect on the gestation of their publication ‘The National Grid’. They discuss art schools and art publications as well as the state of graphic design in New Zealand and t (+)

Experimental Jetset 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   23/02/2009

The two members of Experimental Jetset continues by discussing how education and family have influenced their design work. They speak about Helvetica and the nature of working as a graphic designer in the Netherlands today. Experimental Jetset Website :: (+)

Experimental Jetset 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   19/02/2009

Marieke Stolk and Danny van den Dungen of Experimental Jetset discuss the importance of music and its relation to design. They also talk about how they got started and their working process as a trio. They reflect on the relation between the work and the (+)

Experimenta 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   19/02/2009

During Valentin’s day, Elaina Hamilton and Duncan Forbes from Experimenta explains what is it to live and work together, life at the studio and life at home. They explain how they founded their studio, finding initial inspirations in modernist graphic des (+)

Bruno Maag 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   16/02/2009

Bruno Maag continues with his motivation for designing type, and the role of type design today. He speaks about the uses of Comic Sans and his views on custom fonts. Offers his opinions on Dutch design, and ends up with his experience during Font Fight or (+)

Bruno Maag 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   16/02/2009

Bruno Maag speaks about the beginning of his career at Monotype in England, and later in Chicago. His everyday rituals, decorating the house, and his love of cooking (rabbits!). He professes his love for the city of London, his life there and why it is a (+)

Paula Scher 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   28/10/2008

Paula Scher talks about her paintings and if she could make a choice between painting and design. Why she paints only in all caps and her favourite letters. Branding the United Sates. What does it mean to be a designer from New York and her love for New Y (+)

Paula Scher 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   28/10/2008

Paula Scher talks about her rituals and superstitions, fears and inspiration. How she accepts change and being fluid. What it is really like to be part of Pentagram and how it works. The differences between the New York and London offices. What it was lik (+)

Kenya Hara 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   20/10/2008

Kenya Hara continues to tell us why he became a graphic designer, why and how important design is to the world and its effect on us. What would Kenya Hara do if he wasn’t a designer. Finally he reveals to us why designers wear black. And his dream project (+)

Kenya Hara 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   20/10/2008

Kenya Hara discusses his interest in the concept of emptiness and the relation to the Shinto religion. The haptic qualities of his work and how technology gives us the power to expand our senses. The future of graphic design and the evolution of typograph (+)

Pierre Bernard 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   16/10/2008

Pierre Bernard continues to talk about his activities with Grapus. The difference between French and Dutch design. The current situation of design and how design should have a relation with society. If there is no commissioner there is no design. Lastly w (+)

Pierre Bernard 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   16/10/2008

Pierre Bernard talks about how he became interested in design and how he discovered it in Poland with Henryk Tomaszewski. The greatest lesson he learned. His initial working life in advertising. How Grapus was invented and what ideologies they followed. P (+)

Uwe Loesch 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   07/10/2008

Uwe Loesch tells us why he enters competitions and why young designers also should! How he approaches design, with the thought of every innovation needs an accident. How he convinces clients and irritates the observer. How he became a designer and his cho (+)

Uwe Loesch 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   07/10/2008

Uwe Loesch tells us the story behind his black and white shoes. If he really is a typical German designer or is he more Japanese? How Dada and Surrealism have influenced his work. How language makes an impression on design. The essence of his work which h (+)

Reza Abedini 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   22/09/2008

Reza Abedini discusses his work rituals, how he initially studied painting, and the Iranian touch in his work. He also talks about the current state of Iranian design, the richness of Persian calligraphy and its importance in design. The influence of the (+)

Niklaus Troxler 1/1

Typeradio Podcast (+)   09/09/2008

Niklaus Troxler talks about his home town Willisau in Switzerland, his love for jazz and initiating the Willisau Jazz festival. How he designs posters for the concerts and how you set yourself free when you design your 100th poster. Troxler Art :: Willisa (+)

Michael Bierut 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   01/09/2008

Michael Bierut talks about words, and why design can’t fix bad content. Writing well is a challenge. Initiating Design Observer, his motivation and what he found the hardest. And finally the most important lesson he has learned. Design Observer :: Massimo (+)

Michael Bierut 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   01/09/2008

Michael Bierut talks about his particular rituals and obsessions. He compares song writing to design and why it is similar. The most important quality of a designer. His heroes, how he doesn’t collect. His ideologies such as ‘there is always more than one (+)

Markus Struempel & Rudi Protrudi 3/3

Typeradio Podcast (+)   22/08/2008

Rudi Protrudi explains how the news works in the USA, how the youth movement in the 60s died and more political issues. Rudi is very sure that here is no hope for the US, especially for creatives. And the people in the US do not even care. He ends this ep (+)

Markus Struempel & Rudi Protrudi 2/3

Typeradio Podcast (+)   22/08/2008

Fuzztones frontman Rudi Protrudi talks about his art education and how he came to run his own record label. The last Fuzztones tour was in 2007. What now? After working at Meta design Markus Strumpel moved to India to work as a graphic designer for the Ti (+)

Markus Struempel & Rudi Protrudi 1/3

Typeradio Podcast (+)   22/08/2008

Graphic designer Markus Strümpel and Fuzztones frontman Rudi Protrudi start off by telling us how they met and how they started working together. Rudi explains why musicians should do everything when running a band, and why he moved to Berlin. He also rem (+)

Yang Liu 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   11/08/2008

In what way does Yang Liu think the economic boom affected Chinese graphic design? Teaching both in Bejing and Berlin, in what way are the students different? What city does she consider her ideal city as a designer? Yang Liu talks about her interest in t (+)

Yang Liu 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   11/08/2008

Yang Liu has tried various religions but chooses to be part-time religious. She talks about what inspired her to be a graphic designer. She doesn’t feel more German nor Chinese, she thinks she belongs everywhere. She talks about her favourite dish and her (+)

Malcolm Garrett 2/3

Typeradio Podcast (+)   04/08/2008

Via Malcolm’s first choice of music, early German experimental electronic music, we stumble upon a fascination for all things German. Malcolm feels a little disappointed with current bands, but he does admire Rammstein and Kraftwerk. He explains how this (+)

Malcolm Garrett 3/3

Typeradio Podcast (+)   01/08/2008

Malcolm believes that new generations growing up with the latest digital technology will keep surprising us in the future. He foresees that the change of expectations and usage with this generation will stun us all. Malcolm thinks a lot about what he does (+)

Malcolm Garrett 1/3

Typeradio Podcast (+)   01/08/2008

Typeradio talked on the phone to Malcolm Garrett. As religion is the root of all evil Malcolm doesn’t want any part of it. He doesn’t trust himself as he is easily persuaded and difficult to convince. He is weary of heroes and currently questions the valu (+)

Anschlaege 3/3

Typeradio Podcast (+)   24/07/2008

The last two of Anschlaege’s 7 design principles. Their view on money changed due to the fall of the Berlin Wall. We end with how they would like to be remembered. (Recorded at Typeradio’s Sweet16) :: File Download (13:22 min / 12 MB) (+)

Anschlaege 2/3

Typeradio Podcast (+)   23/07/2008

Anschlaege explain how their work is politically influenced? They believe in opinions, not just politics, and they work in the public sphere. They also do commercial jobs, but not without thoroughly discussing it. And it has to be interesting too, and int (+)

Anschlaege 1/3

Typeradio Podcast (+)   22/07/2008

Anschlaege is a design studio with principles, Typeradio talks with Axel Watzke and Christian Lagé (third member Steffen Schuhmann wasn’t present). They believe in ideas rather than ideologies. Why are they concerned with social issues? They were 14 years (+)

Oliver Gehrs 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   07/07/2008

We ask editor Oliver Gehrs if Dummy Magazin is a magazine. Does it have a lot of competition? Dummy’s policy is to not mix content and ads. Will the magazine live longer with its always changing design and theme? Oliver explains that Dummy is happy to be (+)

Oliver Gehrs 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   07/07/2008

Dummy magazine editor Oliver Gehrs tells us how and why Dummy was initiated and how it was financed. Every issue is completely different, in logo design, layout and the articles. Why? And how does that work? It’s a journalistic decision to have different (+)

Nicolas Bourquin 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   30/06/2008

Do books like Los Logos kill creativity? Nicolas explains the best way to use Los Logos. Will there be a Quatros Logos? Logos rejected by clients are often the best. Being swiss pursuits him, also in Berlin, but it’s also an advantage. What are the differ (+)

Nicolas Bourquin 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   30/06/2008

Nicolas Bourquin explains what he does, he sets things in context, be it a book, video or an exhibition. As an art director / editor for Die Gestalten he finds this multi-disciplinary work inspiring. He motivates why books are not at all an obsolete mediu (+)

Klaus Voormann 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   23/06/2008

Why did Klaus Voormann retire from the music business? What filled the gap that music left in his life? What current bands does he like? He talks about his cooperation with Stefan Gandl, the Hamburg Days book, the Turbonegro record sleeve and finally his (+)

Klaus Voormann 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   23/06/2008

Typeradio talks on the phone to graphic designer and musician Klaus Voormann. He tells the story how he met and hooked up with The Beatles. Voormann designed the covers for The Beatles’ Revolver and Anthology albums. Besides that he played bass guitar wit (+)

MeekFM 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   16/06/2008

We hear the M.E.E.K. typographic synthesizer in action. While Frank is playing the instrument, Rob is explaining what is happening and what can be seen. (Recorded at Typeradio’s Sweet16) Meek FM :: File Download (17:46 min / 25 MB) (+)

MeekFM 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   16/06/2008

Rob Meek and Frank Müller developed the M.E.E.K. typographic synthesizer for their project MeekFm as an interpretation of type as sound. They tell us how the project came about and explain how the synthesizer works. It’s all about the interaction between (+)

Justus Oehler 3/3

Typeradio Podcast (+)   10/06/2008

Was it a good idea to start a Pentagram office in Berlin? Justus Oehler tells us how he came to know the president of Sardinia and design the Sardinia identity. What are the Pentagram Papers? How does Justus like to be remembered? (Recorded at Typeradio’ (+)

Justus Oehler 2/3

Typeradio Podcast (+)   10/06/2008

Justus Oehler explains the criteria to become a Pentagram partner, and how the design process in Pentagram works, both in finances as in design work. Justus also tells us how he learned to work the computer, what he likes to work on, why he moved to Berl (+)

Justus Oehler 1/3

Typeradio Podcast (+)   10/06/2008

Justus Oehler runs the Berlin office of Pentagram. He talks about how he got started in design, his parents and how he ended up at Pentagram. What is typically Pentagram, in design and thinking? What are the differences between the various Pentagram stud (+)

Node 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   07/06/2008

What is the influence of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and how did it change? Node are reluctant to define their graphic style. They explain their typographic sound projects and bring us the song ‘Make The Logo Bigger’. But what is Node’s claim to fa (+)

Node 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   07/06/2008

Node is a design studio run by Anders Hofgaard from Norway, Serge Rompza from Germany (3rd member Spanish/Danish Vladimir is not present at the interview). They reflect on religion, rituals, meeting in Amsterdam and how they ended up in Berlin. They expl (+)

Simone Wolf 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   26/05/2008

Simone Wolf about moderating at Typo Berlin and how to deal with boring speakers. How does Typevents compile a conference programme? Simone talks about their future plans, cross-linking and the design of a new identity. (Recorded at Typeradio’s Sweet16) (+)

Simone Wolf 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   26/05/2008

Simone Wolf explains her company Typevents and how it started, and how she got interested in type and design. She tells some event organiser’s worst case scenarios and reflects on the Helvetica film, Italian graphic design and her favourite designers. (R (+)

Mike Riemel 2/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   20/05/2008

Mike reflects on the early days of house music. The music was rare and hard to find, just as the flyers, but it was much more fun than the globalised abundance we find today. He compiled an extensive flyer book called Flyersoziotop, runs a gallery, and a (+)

Mike Riemel 1/2

Typeradio Podcast (+)   20/05/2008

Mike Riemel collects flyers. How did he get caught up in collecting flyers? With over half a million flyers, how do you categorise such a huge collection? According to Mike flyers represent the social consciousness of a generation. How in the 80s, along (+)

Sweet16 introduction

Typeradio Podcast (+)   20/05/2008

Donald & Liza’s introduction to the Typeradio’s Sweet16, a 16 hour live radio session, recorded on May 16th 2007 in Berlin, from 8:00 till midnight. Sweet16 :: File Download (3:14 min / 5 MB) (+)

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