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Cracking the coding code

India, Ink. (+)   07/10/2010

Got an e-mail from a fellow book designer this morning asking, “Do you have a blog post about marking up a MS for the designer/typesetter?” Um, I couldn’t remember; had to search my own blog to find out. I found I’d written two posts in which such issues (+)

“you will need to pick an attractive font”

India, Ink. (+)   13/09/2010

An amazing opportunity! If only I were a cover designer . . .Book Cover Designer Needed For Regular Work (Anywhere)Date: 2010-09-13, 9:43AM EDTReply to: job-u6jz9-1951195804@craigslist.orgWe are looking for a book cover designer for regular work. Have 10 (+)

Having drunk the copy Kool-Aid

India, Ink. (+)   27/07/2010

I love this article by Lori Fradkin, “What It’s Really Like to Be a Copy Editor” (, July 21, 2010), though I take issue with her opening example:The word is douche bag. Douche space bag. People will insist that it’s one closed-up word—douchebag— (+)

The India, Ink. comedy show

India, Ink. (+)   07/05/2010

[See post to watch QuickTime movie]I made myself watch the archived video of the thesis presentation I gave yesterday afternoon, and it’s not as embarrassing as I’d expected, so I’m posting it for your amusement. There’s a full transcript after the jump, (+)

New: Marginalia

India, Ink. (+)   06/05/2010

I’ve added a sideblog to capture some of the things I come across in my daily lurking on the booktwitternet. It’s tucked in the middle of a lot of other junk right now, but when I have time, I’ll put it in its own sidebar. Should you wish to follow the si (+)

Three more days

India, Ink. (+)   04/05/2010

This Thursday at 12:40 p.m., I have to publicly present some sort of something about my vague and fugitive master’s thesis. The talk—about ten minutes’ worth—will be streamed online so you, my friends, can all point and laugh, and the video will be archiv (+)

Three More Days

India, Ink. (+)   04/05/2010

This Thursday at 12:40 p.m., I have to publicly present some sort of something about my vague and fugitive master’s thesis. The talk—about ten minutes’ worth—will be streamed online so you, my friends, can all point and laugh, and the video will be archiv (+)

The option that wasn’t

India, Ink. (+)   04/04/2010

One of the things I like—a unique feature, as far as I’ve seen—about Kobo’s e-reader software for iPhone OS is that it gives you a choice between vertical scrolling and traditional pagination. Because, really, what do pages mean on a digital reader where (+)

Hyphenation in Stanza

India, Ink. (+)   02/04/2010

Okay! I’ve got basically one month left in which to do my thesis project, so I’m thinking I should try to blog about a little something every day, to force myself to process some of this stuff. Perhaps call it BroTheBloPoMo—Brooklyn Thesis Blog Post Month (+)

E-book Abomination Index

India, Ink. (+)   12/02/2010

I’ve been reading a lot of e-books in the past ten days or so, and I have seen a lot of messy formatting. But the latest one takes the cake: a McGraw-Hill Professional book in which the first letter of every paragraph appears on a line by itself. Thus:The (+)

Room for improvement. No—wait—airplane hangar for improvement.

India, Ink. (+)   03/02/2010

Below are slides from a presentation Liza Daly gave at the Digital Book World conference last week. There are elaborative notes on the DBW site.Getting Past Good Enough Ebooks: Liza DalyI am extremely bummed not to have been there, but at least now, thank (+)

Are you a bookfuturist?

India, Ink. (+)   02/02/2010

Old news but good news:I also want to be a kind of social network for Bookfuturists like me. There are clear markets for writing by techno­logical triumphalists (I call these guys and girls technofuturists) and doomsayers (when it comes t (+)

To be fond of ; to like ; to have good will toward ; to delight in, with preëminent affection.

India, Ink. (+)   04/09/2009

Love. Chronicle Books had only a dummy of the trade edition at BEA, but the book is out now. (Indiebound | Amazon)If I weren’t determined to win it myself, I would tell you that Chronicle will hold a drawing on November 15 for a copy of one of the lusciou (+)

Please, Mister Postman

India, Ink. (+)   06/07/2009

Oh, I think I need to make a field trip to the 11215 post office . . .Dear Postmaster Potter: I am writing to ask if you would please consider redecorating my local postoffice. Maybe you have heard of it: 11215. It’s the Park Slope Station in Brooklyn,New (+)

“artistic standard designs, fit for a palace”

India, Ink. (+)   10/06/2009

Jonathan McNicol clearly does not have enough to do. To stay out of trouble, he’s started typesetting a free Greybean edition of James Joyce’s Ulysses, pages of which he expects to be posting daily until some time in October.This kind of fits in with some (+)

Font Consultant to the Stars Star Trek

India, Ink. (+)   10/06/2009

My former colleague Lawrence Levi, of Looker and The Breadline, reports that “the new Star Trek movie’s final credit . . . is for FONT CONSULTANT. Yup. He’s Richard Massey, . . . who was part of the initial design team of Cabinet magazine.” Lawrence then (+)

Big Is Beautiful

India, Ink. (+)   27/03/2009

I like getting to play Dear Abby! Though lately my responses read less like sage advice and more like columns by The Non-Expert—only not funny. Yesterday Sarah wrote with some questions:Since 2002, I have been editor for our local historical society’s 20- (+)

Pinch on pages

India, Ink. (+)   09/02/2009

Pinch, a design office in Portland, Oregon, have* shared a summary of their typographic standards for Hawthorne Books, a literary press also in Portland. And while I very much like the house design they’ve come up with, I have a few quibbles with their wr (+)

How to pick better fonts

India, Ink. (+)   30/01/2009

How do you pick your fonts? It’s easy! Just look at type samples and find one that catches your eye. Throw that one out.All this month, Tom Christensen of the always interesting Right Reading has been guest-blogging over at ForeWord magazine. For his fina (+)

Hitler’s subtitler starts moonlighting in Web development?

India, Ink. (+)   03/12/2008

And, speaking of parodies, did anybody else just get this e-mail from FontLab?The text continues quite reasonably,Sure, you could do it with bitmaps - and make the most important text on your web page invisible to the search engines. But now you don’t hav (+)

Hitler’s subtitler gets a cheap font CD

India, Ink. (+)   02/12/2008

One of dozens of Downfall parody videos. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, but if you haven’t been subjected to them yet, you may find this instance amusing.       (+)

“I’ve got science for any occasion / Postulating theorems, formulating equations”

India, Ink. (+)   26/10/2008

This is so wonderfully geeky I can barely stand it:Last week I mentioned the atomic pen, which scientists used to construct some awfully tiny letters one atom at a time. These are small letters indeed: measuring two nanometers in height, they’re about 1/4 (+)

Flattery Will Get You Nowhere

India, Ink. (+)   14/10/2008

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I should feel jazzed that a person I used to work with, who at that time did not know InDesign from Address Book, is still using my files as templates for new books today in his busy freelance (+)

Make hay while you can still hit the nail on the head.

India, Ink. (+)   22/07/2008

I spent most of last week TypeCon, where I took three classes and attended about half of the presentations. The highlights were, hands down, the day I spent making mudpies at Hal Leader’s aptly named Paradise Press and Erik Spiekermann’s obscenity-laced p (+)

What does a type designer’s handwriting look like?

India, Ink. (+)   09/07/2008

In case you haven’t seen it—I hadn’t—faithful reader Schizohedron points out the following fun thing to look at: There’s great power in a typeface, but what’s always interested me more than the typeface is the designer behind it – why did they create the. (+)

And attendance is the other 50 percent of your grade.

India, Ink. (+)   27/06/2008

Fonts can shape reality in intangible ways, as Phil Renaud, a graphic designer from Phoenix, discovered when he studied the relationship between his grades and the fonts he used for his college papers. Papers set in Georgia, a less common font with serifs (+)

MetaFilter Asks . . .

India, Ink. (+)   31/05/2008

MeFi user Caduceus requests information aboutChanging technologies in book design?I’m looking for information about how new technologies have affected book design and typography.I’m particularly interested in the affects of computers and design software, (+)

The Recipe for Success

India, Ink. (+)   29/05/2008

Following up on the popularity of her copyediting report, Rose Levy Beranbaum has posted another interesting entry about the production of her forthcoming cookbook: Book Production Phase 7 Pre Design Meeting.The designer’s estimate had the text running f (+)

So I guess there’s no Klingon italic, either

India, Ink. (+)   04/05/2008

The term “Roman” is customarily used to describe serif typefaces of the early Italian Renaissance period. More recently, the term has also come to denote the upright style of typefaces, as opposed to the word “Italic”, which refers to cursive typefaces i (+)

Ha, ha, ha, . . .

India, Ink. (+)   28/04/2008

“This, is an unsettling trend,” columnist William Sa,fire, told reporters. “We’re seeing a collapse of the grammatical rules that have, held, the English language, together for, centuries.”—“Commas, Turning Up, Everywhere,” The OnionPhoto: a row of comma (+)

Need a quick C-note?

India, Ink. (+)   26/04/2008

Kevin Pease of Designrants points out the following excellent opportunity—which, oddly, he doesn’t wish to take!—for an up-and-coming type designer to make a few bucks and gain some experience for his or her résumé:The project is for outputing a variant (+)

Meet me at the Pilcrow & Capitulum

India, Ink. (+)   13/03/2008

Like most punctuation, the paragraph mark (or pilcrow) has an exotic history. It’s tempting to recognize the symbol as a “P for paragraph,” though the resemblance is incidental: in its original form, the mark was an open C crossed by a vertical line or t (+)

The most expensive India, Ink., post of 2008?

India, Ink. (+)   08/03/2008

Typographica has posted its fourth annual Favorite Typefaces collection, and for possibly the first time ever, I already own one of the chosen few: Leitura, which I purchased last summer during Dino dos Santos’s krazy half-price sale and even actually us (+)

Join the Semicolon Appreciation Society; look sharp.

India, Ink. (+)   22/02/2008

See? I told you Erin is brilliant. She’s made not only T-shirts but also stickers for the Semicolon Appreciation Society, so you can upgrade the punctuation on signs. (+)


India, Ink. (+)   19/02/2008

keming noun. The result of improper kerning.Coined by David Friedman at Ironic Sans.(via the also brilliant Erin McKean)Photo: untitled [New Sicilian Pizza 7.99] by Joseph Robertson; some rights reserved. He has a fabulous typographic Flickr set. (+)

I say! A subterranean semicolon!

India, Ink. (+)   18/02/2008

[W]hatever one’s personal feelings about semicolons, some people don’t use them because they never learned how.In fact, when Mr. Neches was informed by a supervisor that a reporter was inquiring about who was responsible for the semicolon, he was concern (+)

Books on the why/how of book interior design?

India, Ink. (+)   05/02/2008

Commenter “elle” is trying to find a book that’s “kind of like a manual on how to design interiors.”Like why you use a space break, why you indent certain amounts, why chapters start new right and things that break down the skeleton of a book. It’s somet (+)

A thin slice of history

India, Ink. (+)   04/02/2008

I was looking for a particular image (which I did not find) on Google Books last week, and I stumbled across this fabulous tome: English Literature: An Illustrated Record in Four Volumes. Volume II: From the Age of Henry VIII to the Age of Milton. Part I (+)

A love letter to letterpress

India, Ink. (+)   23/10/2007

Ampersand Duck is setting a book of poetry the slow way, and writing very affectionately about it.You want the type to be invisible in a way, to let the meaning of the words exist independently. If a word is leaping out at you because it’s thick, dull a (+)

Is an educated author our best customer?

India, Ink. (+)   19/10/2007

At the beginning of this week, I spent part of my lunch hour at the cafeteria (aka Whole Foods) casually consulting with a friend of a friend who’s checking the page proofs for her first book. It’s an anthology of articles about filmmaking, and it’s (+)

Cheap Paperbacks

India, Ink. (+)   15/08/2007

Today is your last day to buy Dino dos Santos’s typefaces at 50 percent off, but you have an entire month to scoop up goodies from House Industries at a discount.Sale items include Neutraface, which I’ve had to work with several times and been annoyed (+)

Coming soon to a highway near you

India, Ink. (+)   12/08/2007

The day I got back from TypeCon, maybe two minutes after I stumbled into the office, a coworker asked, “What’s the font that’s used on highway signs?”Um . . . Um . . . “I should know this, but I don’t.”(more…) (+)

You have four days

India, Ink. (+)   11/08/2007

to glut yourself on Dino dos Santos’s typefaces at half price.The sale ends on Tuesday. Run!(more…) (+)

TypeCon 2007 in 100 words or less

India, Ink. (+)   10/08/2007

“I love Quark, but . . . at some point you gotta stop hitting yourself on the head with a hammer.” “Calli means ‘good’ and graphy means ‘writing,’ so calligraphy means ‘beautiful writing.’ Isn’t that neat?” Because some users don’t (+)

Hot or not: curvy, with a prominent tail?

India, Ink. (+)   13/07/2007

This just in:The Psychology of Fonts, commissioned by Lexmark Printers and written by psychologist Dr Aric Sigman explains how a typeface will significantly influence what the reader thinks about you.Courier is seen as the choice of “sensible shoes” t (+)

Four Questions for Book Designers

India, Ink. (+)   13/07/2007

If you’re a book designer or merely wish to play one on TV, Stephen Tiano’s got a few things to ask you. Interesting questions, interesting answers.Photo: Questioning by Ann Douglas; some rights reserved. (+)

See you in Seattle?

India, Ink. (+)   23/06/2007

Anybody going to TypeCon?Despite saying last year that “I probably won’t go again,” and despite adding a mental “and especially to the one in Seattle,”* I just registered for, oops, the conference in Seattle. Because I realized that the way thin (+)

What typefaces writers compose in, and why

India, Ink. (+)   27/05/2007

Slate presents “My Favorite Font: Anne Fadiman, Jonathan Lethem, Richard Posner, and others reveal what font they compose in and why.” Some bits I appreciated:I like Courier because it seems provisional—I can still change my mind—whereas Times New (+)

Michael Bierut on Picking the Font

India, Ink. (+)   14/05/2007

A very readable piece over at Design Observer on picking the font: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Typeface. Much more detailed and articulate than mymumblings on the subject.Photo: Stopping for breakfast ? by Ram V; some rights reserved. (+)

4 colors x 144 pages x 4 weeks

India, Ink. (+)   29/01/2007

Oh, do go look at Tom Christensen’s wickedly detailed walkthrough, Manuscript to Art Book in Four weeks: The Making of Masters of Bamboo. Cool, cool, cool! (Thanks, Tom!) (+)

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