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Publication Design (+)   02/11/2008

Last week, Michael Twyman showed us his collection of directories: books such as early phone directories and lists of world publications.This is the 1943 French street directory. Over 3,000 pages, including yellow pages advertising. Imagine that being thr (+)

English letterpress posters

Publication Design (+)   13/10/2008

Selection from the first Michael Twyman class… can’t wait for next week.       (+)

The Gutenberg Press

Publication Design (+)   01/10/2008

First day at university today and look what I found:It’s the actual replica made on the Stephen Fry documentary from the BBC (you can watch it at the link). I am hoping it will be staying at the university and I will get to use it. We will get to do some (+)

Font Conference

Publication Design (+)   19/08/2008

A slightly amusing pastiche of classic heroes and villains dressed up as common fonts.Thnx Surfstation (+)

Dub-ya the movie

Publication Design (+)   06/06/2008

This flyer was allegedly given out at the Cannes Film Festival to promote the new Oliver Stone biopic of George W. Bush. Although the design uses a rather tired dictionary metaphor to present “Bushisms“, it is refreshing to see a purely typographic appro (+)

Collage work

Publication Design (+)   13/04/2008

I very much like the collage poetry work of British artist Chris Kenny. This piece is entitled Recipe, and uses found pieces of text mounted on pins to construct a narrative. See more of his work on the England & Co gallery site. Via Thriving Too. (+)

Iranian Typography

Publication Design (+)   11/04/2008

A old post on Ping Mag looks at the beauty of modern Iranian typography. I have probably posted on this before, but it so inspires me as a writing form that I want to post about it again and again. On the site they explain a little the difference between (+)

Make your own font

Publication Design (+)   06/04/2008

This new tool from FontShop allows you to build your own font from geometrical shapes. It’s just a beta version at the moment, but I had a play over the weekend and created my own font for a flyer I am designing for a friend’s bar, and it was super easy (+)

More fonts

Publication Design (+)   25/03/2008

Bree from Type Together is quite lovely, if you are looking for a modern yet friendly sans serif… via Type Neu. (+)

60 good fonts for use in just about anything

Publication Design (+)   25/03/2008

I don’t agree with this list entirely, but for those who are really struggling to make some good font choices, this list of “60 Brilliant Typefaces for Corporate Design” might point you in a good direction. I just bought the whole package of Museo, the t (+)

Nice type

Publication Design (+)   20/03/2008

Craig Ward does nice type. Thanks Drawn! (+)

Beautiful writing

Publication Design (+)   29/02/2008

I wish I could write like this… the one on the right that is… (+)

What font says ‘Change’?

Publication Design (+)   01/02/2008

 If you were to design the logo for a Presidential campaign, what font would you use? Something fresh, something bold, something conservative and trustworthy? Have a read of this article that decodes the identities of the top US candidates. Link via Swiss (+)


Publication Design (+)   21/01/2008

I Love Typography has published the 3rd in their series of explanations of type terms. This briefly explains Transitional fonts such as Baskerville, Bookman, Cheltenham, Joanna and Slimbach. Make sure you follow some of the links at the end of the summar (+)

Work by Mathieu Gallois

Publication Design (+)   07/12/2007

 Prince Alfred Park, Surry Hills, SydneyMain viewing day 6 December 6am-8pmDescription and rationale:A number of words and phrases, such as:POSSIBLYI DON’T KNOWPERHAPSMAYBECONCEIVABLYwill be written by wedging tens of thousand white plastic cups into the (+)

Hyper-physical linkage

Publication Design (+)   03/12/2007

 Dan Collier a recent graduate from the UK was named D&AD’s Best New Blood for 2007. The work above is a physical representation of links within the world of typography. Look at more on his site > Thanks to visual complexity for the link. (+)


Publication Design (+)   26/11/2007

I Love Typography has the 2nd in their series of explanations of type terms. This one is on oldstyle typefaces such as Garamond, Bembo and Weiss. Link > (+)

Flickr Sets

Publication Design (+)   17/11/2007

Have found a few sets within Flickr of graphic design that you might like. The first is a collection of old Graphis magazines.Then there’s this collection of Neue Grafik Design, such as this poster by Piet Zwartz. Link >And finally a collection from Ray (+)

Spam one liners

Publication Design (+)   09/11/2007

A collection of spam one liners done in a lovely handwritten style. Link > (+)

Type Terminology

Publication Design (+)   07/11/2007

I Love Type has just started an excellent series on the different kinds of fonts. First in the series are Humanist faces, then Old Style, Transitional, Modern, Slab Serif (Egyptian) and Sans Serif. They have used my absolute favourite Humanist font, Centa (+)

Good type video

Publication Design (+)   29/10/2007

Need to explain what you do to your friends and family? This video is a good introduction to the power of typography and features two of my favourite typographers, Jonathon Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones from Hoefler & Frere-Jones bureau. Via Type for You (+)

Creating a font

Publication Design (+)   25/10/2007

This post on I Love Typography comes from Serif and is all about how to go about making your own font. Link > (+)

Fence weaving

Publication Design (+)   23/10/2007

Head to the link to see a video of this fence weaving. Link via NotCot (+)


Publication Design (+)   08/10/2007

Some nice and modern fonts at the Typisc Type Foundry, including the one above Cloud (which is free). (+)

Die Gestalten Verlag “specializes in developing content for

Publication Design (+)   03/10/2007

Die Gestalten Verlag“specializes in developing content for aficionados of cutting-edge visual culture worldwide“. They also draw some very nice fonts. Their new font Ikuru will be particularly loved by some of you, it’s a slab serif quite similar to (+)

My type tips

Publication Design (+)   26/09/2007

Here’s a list of things I have noticed with your designs that could be improved.1. Line length too long. The standard says that about 60-75 characters per line is a comfortable reading length, this includes word spaces. Highlight a line of your text and (+)

Top type tips

Publication Design (+)   25/09/2007

John D. Berry from Creative Pro has written a good list of ten things you can do to make your type look and therefore read better. It’s worth a read if you are struggling with your typography. Link> (+)

some font advice

Publication Design (+)   24/09/2007

I am sick to death of Gill Sans and thought I would offer you some alternatives. Some of these can be found through Font Bureau, some can be found for free (see the free fonts link below or this one here) and some can be found in other places with a bit o (+)

pssssssst… free fonts

Publication Design (+)   18/09/2007

Fontleech has some links to some good free fonts. (+)

Old type

Publication Design (+)   18/09/2007

A Flickr set devoted to old type specimen books. If you are looking for some typographic inspiration and want to get something that no one else has (because it is not on a computer), then have a look at these. Also, this Flickr set has matchbook covers (+)

Pixel poster

Publication Design (+)   18/09/2007

Clever poster by Jessica Nabel via Wasabi Detail. (+)

ceramic type

Publication Design (+)   18/09/2007

Stephanie DeArmond makes lovely ceramics with a type bent. Link via Type for You (+)


Publication Design (+)   17/09/2007

The resurgence of 70s typefaces and the “cult of the ugly” have definitely hit the magazine design world. Following up on the post about Super Super is Arthur magazine, a “free, independently owned and operated transgenerational counterculture maga (+)

Free Fonts

Publication Design (+)   12/09/2007

Just stumbled upon exljbris, a free font library of typographer Jos Buivenga. There are some good fonts on the site. Particularly Delicious, below. It comes in a few different weights (plus italics and small caps), very useful for you all as publication d (+)

Seriously beautiful work

Publication Design (+)   07/09/2007

“By hijacking technology, I am treating the book as a sculpture and transforming typography into a new entity with a conscious connection to architecture. This works intention is to be a journey inside a page or a book. I allow the viewer to perceive ty (+)

Good type

Publication Design (+)   04/09/2007

Rick Banks is a recent British design graduate and is a wonderful type-focused designer. Check out his website. The briefs for the two examples above were:1. Create three type-based posters to promote a horror film festival in your nearest city. 2. Sel (+)

New fonts

Publication Design (+)   03/09/2007

The Type Trust has some nice fonts, including Leitura Display Italic above. (+)

This is what a publication designer does…. Set in Radio, a

Publication Design (+)   27/08/2007

This is what a publication designer does…. Set in Radio, a new font from Village. (+)


Publication Design (+)   19/08/2007

OK, the trees have said ENOUGH. I am going to try to cut down a little on the amount of paper I give you. If you like these articles, then you can print them out yourself or read them digitally. They are basically articles on good typography for publicati (+)

Body Tests and the Vertical Grid

Publication Design (+)   16/08/2007

Below is a PDF about how to create a vertical grid and also PDF of how I would set up a file for your type tests. PLEASE at least do some of these before next week. I want to see layouts or covers or type tests or SOMETHING!!!!!!!!With your type tests, yo (+)

In his artwork, entitled Radicaux libres, Jean Dubois projects

Publication Design (+)   15/08/2007

In his artwork, entitled Radicaux libres, Jean Dubois projects letters onto the floor of a museum. “A continuous stream of letters projected onto the floor gradually pool at the feet of spectators, forming word groups as varied as they are suggestive.� (+)

A post over at Design Observer mentions the revival of 1970s

Publication Design (+)   14/08/2007

A post over at Design Observer mentions the revival of 1970s fonts such as Cooper Black (left), Avant Garde (right) and especially, ITC Grouch. Grouch is apparently everywhere at the moment. I am not one for following trends, but should you need to cre (+)

Over at ICON magazine, they have a list of manifestos written

Publication Design (+)   13/08/2007

Over at ICON magazine, they have a list of manifestos written by 50 of the world’s leading designers. Many different disciplines are represented, from graphic designers to architects. There’s Peter Saville, the famous record sleeve designer “Creativ (+)

A guide to setting good body

Publication Design (+)   13/08/2007

This mini guide will give you a few good tips on how to make your justified body copy look good. Just don’t tell Peter McGill that I think it’s sometimes good to hypenate justified body - he’ll kill me! guide-to-making-good-body.pdfI will be teachin (+)

great graphics

Publication Design (+)   06/08/2007

Hate the girls legs at the start and end, but the rest of this clip is pretty amazing. (+)

The Designer Disease

Publication Design (+)   05/12/2006

Do you love design? Are you becoming obsessed by it? Read all about how that obsession can take over your life here. (+)

New look Times

Publication Design (+)   27/11/2006

The Times of London has a new look masthead and headline font, drawn under the supervision of Neville Brody. Read an article and browse the history of its masthead here. (+)

Beautiful Work

Publication Design (+)   06/11/2006

Thanks Andrew, have found some great work from the link you sent, including this one from Justin Thomas Kay, who does “print/editorial and graphic development for apparel design with a basis in typography and its interaction with s (+)

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