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Xurxo Insua Pardo: ‘On the German origin of the sanserif’

Fawny (+)   14/09/2007

Something to do with the predecessor of Akzidenz’s being Royal Grotesk. Or... something? (+)

Ole Schäfer: ‘Bringing typefaces to life’

Fawny (+)   14/09/2007

Presentation by Ole Schäfer on the old East German fonts of Karl-Heinz Lange (+)

Gerald Fleuss: ‘The legacy of Edward Johnston’

Fawny (+)   14/09/2007

Presentation by Gerald Fleuss about Edward Johnston (+)

Simon Daniels: ‘Web font embedding rides again!’

Fawny (+)   13/09/2007

Presentation by Simon Daniels about Web font embedding (+)

Tim Ahrens: ‘Computer-aided design: Taming the curves’

Fawny (+)   13/09/2007

Presentation by Tim Ahrens on Bézier and other curves (+)

Ted Harrison & Yuri Yarmola: ‘Flash photofonts – the holy grail of Web typography?’

Fawny (+)   13/09/2007

Session by Ted Harrison and Юрий Ярмола on sIFR-style photofonts (+)

Ann Bessemans: ‘Typography for children with low vision’

Fawny (+)   12/09/2007

Presentation by Ann Bessemans at ATypI TypeTech (+)

Yuri Yarmola: ‘Crystal clear: Tuning your fonts for screen’

Fawny (+)   12/09/2007

Presentation by Юрий Ярмола at ATypI TypeTech (+)

14(2F): Downsview

Fawny (+)   07/09/2007

14 Days to ATypI: TTC: Downsview straplines (+)

14(2D): Rare white

Fawny (+)   05/09/2007

14 Days to ATypI: TTC: Rare black-on-white signboards (+)

14(2C): No, that is not Kabel, either

Fawny (+)   05/09/2007

14 Days to ATypI: TTC: No, that isn’t Kabel (+)

14-ATypI-1C: Captioning + subtitling

Fawny (+)   01/09/2007

14 Days to ATypI: Captioning: Combined captioning and subtitling (still, as always and forevermore, two different things) (+)

14-ATypI-1A: You do a lot of reading offa TV

Fawny (+)   30/08/2007

14 Days to ATypI: T minus 14 for captioning. You read a lot of words offa TV (+)

Design-research roundup

Fawny (+)   28/08/2007

Summarizing a few design research papers (not an oxymoron) I have read recently (+)

Overpromised, underdelivered

Fawny (+)   20/08/2007

Why Chris Calori’s Signage and Wayfinding Design is shite (vague shite at that) (+)

‘Helvetica’ accessibility manifesto

Fawny (+)   15/08/2007

Reasons why Helvetica should have something other than cheap-ass captioning and description (+)


Fawny (+)   01/08/2007

Writing an academic paper, pretty much thanklessly (+)

‘This movie sucks,’ say the fonts

Fawny (+)   23/07/2007

A movie whose poster uses red Flyer Extra Bold or equivalent is a warning sign (+)

Save TTC signs

Fawny (+)   04/07/2007

Just what it says: Stop the bastards from pulling down and shredding irreplaceable old signs (+)

‘Design City Toronto’

Fawny (+)   17/06/2007

A book by Toronto writers about Toronto architecture... written in British English and typeset in Helvetica Light (+)

‘Five Simple Steps to Better Typography’

Fawny (+)   13/06/2007

@media London 2007: Mark Boulton (+)

Case in comix

Fawny (+)   04/06/2007

S. McCloud, in Making Comics, gives reasons to use or not use all caps in comic-book lettering (+)

OCAD grad show 2007

Fawny (+)   14/05/2007

Notes from the exhibit of graduates’ work at the Ontario College of Art & Design (+)

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