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Fairfax Station & GP Estanho

Fontoblog (+)   03/10/2007

FONTE BARATA. GP Estanho, da Intellecta. Por apenas US$ 2,84FONTE GRÁTIS.Fairfax Station NF, de Nick's Fonts. A “storybook” font, based on the letterforms of Caslon Open. The freeware (TrueType) version has a limited character set. The Pro Set (Posts (+)

Heavy Trip & I Am a Worm

Fontoblog (+)   01/10/2007

FONTE GRÁTIS.Heavy Tripp NF, de NickFonts. An ultrabold font based on the work of circa 1920s bizarro lettering artist Alphonso E. Tripp. The freeware (TrueType) version has a limited character set. The Pro Set (Postscript) version has a complete charact (+)

Jungle Fever & Ikewund

Fontoblog (+)   30/09/2007

FONTE BARATA. Ikewund, da Intellecta. FONTE GRATIS.Jungle Fever, de Nick Fonts. An adaptation of the font Neuland, designed by Rudolph Koch in 1923. The freeware (TrueType) version has a limited character set. The Pro Set (Postscript) version has a comple (+)

Matherhorn NF & Samuello

Fontoblog (+)   28/09/2007

FONTE BARATA. Samuello, da Intellecta. Na promoção por apenas US$ 11,45FONTE GRATIS. Matherhorn, de Nick Fonts. An adaptation of an unusual German font that combines Blackletter and Art Deco sensibilities. The freeware (TrueType) version has a limited c (+)

Popular Cafe & American Advertise 011

Fontoblog (+)   27/09/2007

FONTE BARATA. AmericanAdvertise011, da Intellecta. Segundo Josh Lurie-Terrell: "The American Advertise series has two recent additions; fonts 011 and 012 are both mortised caps, straight out of an early ATF catalog, and are digitized very well"FONTE GRÁT (+)

Snappy Service NF™ & Breite Italienne

Fontoblog (+)   26/09/2007

FONTE GRÁTIS. Snappy Service NF™, de Nick Fonts. An Art Deco font based on letteringremembered from a BBQ joint in East Dallas. The freeware (TrueType) version has a limited character set. The Pro Set (Postscript) version has a complete character set ( (+)

Goodbye Crewel World NF & DecoExperiment4

Fontoblog (+)   25/09/2007

FONTE BARATA. DecoExperiment4, da Intellecta.FONTE GRATIS.Goodbye Crewel World NF, de Nick Fonts, a Quite simply, a classic country sampler alphabet with a complete Adobe Standard character set and a sorry-I-couldn't-help-myself name. (+)

Glyphyx & DecoExperiment5

Fontoblog (+)   24/09/2007

FONTE BARATA. DecoExperiment5, da Intellecta. Promoção por US$ 5,23.FONTE GRÁTIS.Glyphyx NF, da Nick Fonts. This series of free fonts features symbols and icons for use in information graphics. Glyphyx One includes symbols related to transportation, wh (+)

Neuropol & Deco Experiment 6

Fontoblog (+)   23/09/2007

FONTE BARATA. DecoExperiment6, da Intellecta. Na promoção por apenas US$ 8,02.FONTE GRÁTIS. Neuropol, da Typodermic. Nas palavras de Ray Larabie: Neuropol is a futuristic font family inspired by science fiction video games and flatbed plotters. Designe (+)

Fenwick & DecoExperiment

Fontoblog (+)   22/09/2007

FONTE BARATA. DecoExperiment7, da Intellecta.FONTE GRÁTIS.Fenwick, da Typodermic. Nas palavras deles: Fenwick is not just another name on a map. It’s so much more than that. Having just celebrated its 150th Anniversary, Fenwick has become my new homet (+)

Zekton & LikeGutembergCaps

Fontoblog (+)   21/09/2007

FONTE BARATA.LikeGutembergCaps, da Intellecta. Atualmente em imperdivel promoção, por apenas US$ 6,87FONTE GRÁTIS.Zekton, da Typodermic. Nas palavras deles: Zekton was inspired by the futuristic fonts seen on electronic gadgetry. Zekton imparts a serio (+)

Ganymede & Littler Serifada

Fontoblog (+)   20/09/2007

FONTE BARATA.Littler Serifada, da Intellecta.FONTE GRÁTICS. Ganymede3D, da Sentinel Type, nas palavras deles: Ganymede is a geometric linear font combining industrial and architectural themes. Chiselled forms and a crisp finish parallel automotive stylin (+)

Rostrum & Numbers

Fontoblog (+)   19/09/2007

FONTE BARATA. Numbers, da Intellecta, por US$ 1,40FONTE GRÁTIS. Rostrum, da Canada Type. Segundo eles "The Rostrum fonts are a revival and expansion of a type called Oleander, designed in 1938 by Julius Kirn for the Genzsch & Heyse foundry in Hamburg. M (+)

Adam Gorry & Peloponeso

Fontoblog (+)   18/09/2007

FONTE BARATA. Peloponeso, da Intellecta. Aproveite o desconto, atualmente está por US$ 9,16FONTE GRÁTIS. Adam Gorry, da Sentinel Type. Nas palavras do criador: Many variations of these two decorative display type styles have existed for over a century. (+)

Hut Sut Ralston

Fontoblog (+)   17/09/2007

FONTE BARATA. Samuello, da Intellecta. baseada na obra de Samuel Wello. Atualmente por apenas US$ 11.45FONTE GRÁTIS.Hut Sut Ralston, de Nick's Fonts. Baseada em original do Speedball Lettering Magazine, aliás uma fonte de inspirações e recursos sobre (+)

RiotSquad & SchneidelrKontrast

Fontoblog (+)   16/09/2007

FONTE BARATA. SchneiderKontrast, da Intellecta. Revivals e releituras da obra de F H E Schneidler.FONTE GRATIS. RiotSquadNF, de Nick's Fonts, que a descreve: a rather comical Art Deco font, reminescent of the work of Otto Heim. The freeware (TrueType) ver (+)

Possum Saltare & StreamlineDecoSquare

Fontoblog (+)   15/09/2007

FONTE BARATA. StreamlineDecoSquare. Aproveite esta promoção : apenas US$ 12,54FONTE GRÁTIS. Possum Saltare. Nick Curtis nos fala deste trabalho: Lewis F. Day, in his Alphabets Old and New, presented these letters as examples of rustic Roman lettering (+)

La Reyna Catalina & Greta

Fontoblog (+)   14/09/2007

FONTE BARATA. Greta, da Intellecta, por US% 5,97. FONTE GRÁTIS. La Reyna Catalina, esta fonte retrô de Nick Curtis, nas palavras dele "An unreleased typeface called Aragón, designed by Enric Crous-Vidal, provided the inspiration for this decidedly retr (+)

Korner Deli & GansItaliana

Fontoblog (+)   14/09/2007

FONTE BARATA. GansItaliana, com 14 estilos. Decorative, poster, slabserif, wildwest, and woodtypesFONTE GRÁTIS. Korner Deli NF, a weathered and worn paint-and-neon sign for the Scialo Brothers Bakery in New York provided the pattern for this quirky, deci (+)

Rutin Tutin & Experitypo Six

Fontoblog (+)   14/09/2007

FONTE BARATA. ExperiTypo Six, da Intellecta, está por US$ 4.49. decorative, experimental, outline, rough and sansserifFONTE GRÁTIS. Rutin Tutin, fonte de Nick Curtis, baseada em posters russos : Schrifti Alphabeti, a delightful collection of Cyrillic ty (+)

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