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Creative Graphics

From one creative mind to another (Visitar)

Mc Kean

Creative Graphics (+)   26/10/2007

These images were taken from the Mc Kean website and I simply love what the designer has done to recreate the style that is Mc kean art. The way ink has been used you the feeling that collage has been a great influence� (+)

Gill Sans is a pure and simple but not and artificial sans

Creative Graphics (+)   18/10/2007

Gill Sans is a pure and simple but not and artificial sans serif. It is based on the typeface Edward Johnston designed in 1916 for the signage of the London Underground. Gill’s type is more classical in proportion and contains his signature flared cap (+)


Creative Graphics (+)   18/10/2007

The BellThe original Bell, a English neoclassical typeface, was cut in London in 1788 by Richard Austin for a publisher named Bell. Widely used in the USA as an alternative to Baskerville in the begining of the 19th century. Monotype cut a facsimile in 19 (+)

Date of birth -1961 Nationality -American Parent -Freeman Craw

Creative Graphics (+)   18/10/2007

Date of birth -1961Nationality -American Parent -Freeman Craw Description -Advertising typeI really like this type face as is a very modern design. it will reach a young audience as “Southpark” uses this type face and there for you have a visua (+)


Creative Graphics (+)   18/10/2007

We should welcome typographic variety as the natural consequence of human creativitySebastian Carter (+)

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