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The pure interest

A designing girl in the city of erie (Visitar)

frutiger serif! what??

The pure interest (+)   22/05/2008

Frutiger is one of my all-time favorite sans-serifs (as fore-mentioned). Now there is a newly released serif version, in honor of the creators birthday!! Too bad it’s thousands. I’d love to have it. Anyone want to gift it to me? A few pics from Niagara o (+)

the layout day - done by noon?

The pure interest (+)   21/02/2008

I am swamped on finding “the perfect layout” for a newsletter two designers have been going back and forth on for…. about a month and a half. It’s so tricky! There is something we are trying to find and we just aren’t find it. I want to post it up to get (+)

2007’s hottest fonts

The pure interest (+)   25/01/2008

From FONTS.COM, this list got sent to my email yesterday of the hottest fonts of 2007.I’ve definitely used at lesat 1/2 of them this year, mainly Frutiger, Gill Sans, Futura, Optima and Helvetica. I was a bit disappointed to see that Papyrus and Monotype (+)

feel script

The pure interest (+)   15/11/2007

*lusts*can I please have this typeface? Christmas gift maybe? haha! (+)

make your own handwriting into a font

The pure interest (+)   23/10/2007

My friend found this and I am just so excited to do it. At this site, you can pay $9 and make your own handwriting into it’s own font! She did it and sent me hers. It would be so cute if we all could do it and then have each others handwriting in fonts! (+)

sprint ads

The pure interest (+)   27/09/2007

I have to say, I think Sprint’s advertising is just so cool. Check out these short video shortcuts on I saw these advertised on Dooce’s site. ha! Also, Bossy commented on my umbrella post. WOAAAH!!! Back to Sprint though. I love the glowing (+)

type umbrella

The pure interest (+)   26/09/2007

This umbrella is from Veer. Is it funky or WHAT?? But…. $49? I think not. I lose umbrellas way too easily to pay that much for one!      Well… I found out the reason my laptop has been “sitting” in the fed ex system since  Monday morning. Apparently Fed (+)

friday thoughts

The pure interest (+)   07/09/2007

Thanks to all for the advice on the Mac debate, although I could still use many more opinions! I’m leaning towards the option of going for the 15″ MacBook Pro and purchasing an additional display to go dual screen. This sounds like the perfect alternativ (+)

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