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Buried Type

The Ministry of Type (+)   15/01/2010

I was going through some old photos I found in a folder and came across this one. I took it in Brighton several years ago, there were some roadworks in the North Laine and I must have wondered at the tape and signage buried in it. I found it amusing when (+)


The Ministry of Type (+)   15/01/2010

One of the design sites I read regularly is Fubiz, and on there I recently read this post on Daniel Carlsten’s work for the new gambling site, Gnuf. I’m rather fond of the type and iconography of playing cards (as I’ve posted before), so a new identity us (+)

The Exquisite Book

The Ministry of Type (+)   12/01/2010

Browsing earlier, I came across this blog post for The Exquisite Book. It’s a book project involving ten groups of ten artists, including fine artists, illustrators, designers and comic artists, where each artist creates one page having only seen the prev (+)

Small Caps

The Ministry of Type (+)   12/01/2010

I just read this post by Joe Clark, linked from Daring Fireball, about why you shouldn’t use small caps for acronyms. In it, Clark provides some examples which at first glance seem to support his argument, but a little thought reveals them to be mere exam (+)


The Ministry of Type (+)   31/12/2009

For all that I’ve heard and read from friends, colleagues and associates, it seems that the end of 2009 can’t come soon enough. I’ve not had a bad year at all — it’s been full of good things, both professional and personal — but somehow I’ve picked up the (+)

Gravestone Lettering

The Ministry of Type (+)   29/12/2009

I’m fascinated by the (mostly) Ohioan gravestones in this Flickr set by Tom Davie. Take a look, then have a look at these ghost signs, and you’ll notice how similar the lettering is. I’ve never seen gravestones lettered like this —any flamboyance I’d seen (+)

Measuring Type

The Ministry of Type (+)   17/12/2009

I’ve just seen this project on Swiss Miss and I really like the idea. Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth compared how much ink different common typefaces use at the same point size by drawing them out on a wall using biros. It’s not a scientific analysis (+)

Parking by Numbers

The Ministry of Type (+)   17/12/2009

One of the sites I visit regularly (or at least, read the RSS feed of) is Arch Daily. I’ve always had a strong interest in architecture and I enjoy looking through the pictures of new building designs — even if they do often look unrealistically neat and (+)

Established and Sons

The Ministry of Type (+)   13/12/2009

Normally I find all-Flash websites intensely frustrating and rarely recommend them to anyone. I think no matter how glittering with effects, how technically accomplished they may be, they represent a regrettable attitude to the web; a lack of ‘playing nic (+)

OASIS New York

The Ministry of Type (+)   03/12/2009

Now I really have been meaning to post about this for ages. So long in fact I really can’t remember where I found it. I don’t even have a link to it anymore and it’s only because it’s easily Googled* that I could find it again. As far as I understand it, (+)

Yee-Haw Industries

The Ministry of Type (+)   03/12/2009

I found a link to this little beauty by Yee-Haw Industries on Coudal today. The linked article on Northcoast Zeitgeist says, “Now that’s a lockup”. Indeed. It’s quite something. It reminds me a bit of the round ones Reden ist Silber posted up a while back (+)

Making The Complex of All of These

The Ministry of Type (+)   19/11/2009

I got the link to this video on YouTube via Jason Santa-Maria on Twitter. It’s compiled from around 3000 images taken over 2 months documenting the creation of 35 hand-made books at the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY. There’s a website with more (+)

Star Patterns

The Ministry of Type (+)   15/11/2009

I’ve had a few emails (so soon!) asking how I created my version of the star posters in an earlier article. I created mine using Photoshop vectors (out of habit) but Illustrator, or indeed any app that supports vectors, would be fine — just adapt the proc (+)

Dot, Dot, Dot

The Ministry of Type (+)   15/11/2009

Some time ago I quietly redid the logo for The Ministry of Type, recreating the crown image out of little dots. I didn’t make an announcement out of it at the time, but I was (and am) pleased with it — it’s a lot more me now. I had a number of reasons for (+)

Star Posters

The Ministry of Type (+)   15/11/2009

These posters by Mark Brooks for Santa Monica are great. I’ve had the page on ISO50 open in a tab for a while — The idea here is interesting and worth looking at; using the Santa Monica logo to create the halftone pattern, but using a two and three-layer (+)

Dutch Covers

The Ministry of Type (+)   15/11/2009

BibliOdyssey put up this great collection of Dutch picture-book covers from 1810 to 1950. There are some lovely illustrations, examples of lettering and type treatments on the covers, one of which I’ve traced below. I was thinking about tracing the illust (+)

Map Cuts

The Ministry of Type (+)   01/11/2009

Just a little heads-up on these cutout maps by Karen O’Leary — I think they’re lovely. There’s more info on her Etsy page and here on The Jailbreak, where I found the link. O’Leary has done Paris and New York, and is planning to do London. She says she’ll (+)

Playboy Magazine

The Ministry of Type (+)   01/11/2009

Entirely coincidentally, I get to post about another archive of a long-running and well-known magazine; this time, Playboy. John of I Love Typography tweeted a link to this, just over 50 issues of Playboy from 1954 to 2006. The site will require you to in (+)

LIFE Magazine

The Ministry of Type (+)   30/10/2009

I’ve been browsing through some of the copies of LIFE magazine in this wonderful archive on Google Books, and as well as the photography and journalism I’ve found some real type treasures, especially in the advertisments. Some of the slogans and phrases r (+)

Red and Black

The Ministry of Type (+)   25/10/2009

I’ve been marking so many things in my RSS feed either to read later or ‘post about this’ lately, and yet it seems I’ve had no time to do either of these things. This is one I’ve had marked for a while, from the ever-inspiring For Print Only, and perfectl (+)

Visual Miscellaneum

The Ministry of Type (+)   25/10/2009

A quick heads-up on a book project I had the honour of being involved with. If you’re a regular visitor to Information is Beautiful you’ll of course already be aware of this, but just in case you aren’t, The Visual Miscellaneum by David McCandless is avai (+)


The Ministry of Type (+)   25/10/2009

I have a new favourite typeface. I’m a bit partial to slab serifs (a long time fan of Egyptienne) but projects that call for them don’t come up all that often. I was looking for a new face for a client’s project on FontShop the other day and, lo, Amasis w (+)

Waggon and Horses

The Ministry of Type (+)   18/10/2009

I thought I’d mentioned pub signs before here, but clearly not. For anyone interested in typography and lettering, pub signs are a great source of inspiration and ideas. I remember noticing the lettering on the side of the Waggon and Horses back in 2003 o (+)


The Ministry of Type (+)   11/10/2009

I came across this a week or so ago - another thing found on Behance if I remember correctly, and I’ve had a bit of a play around with it. I like the idea of a Fontstruct-style system for Blackletter, and I can see that Jan Schöttler has created some quit (+)

Serene Infoboards

The Ministry of Type (+)   11/10/2009

Download the EPS of the Matrix, with a few examples of diacritics, hereI was on a train from Guildford to Gatwick the other day, on some ancient First Great Western carriages, which had these beautifully simple infoboards at each end. Photos can’t quite c (+)

The New York Times in Turkish

The Ministry of Type (+)   01/10/2009

This week sees the launch of a new Turkish-language edition of the New York Times’ International Weekly, distributed for free with the Sunday edition of Turkey’s Sabah newspaper. To advertise the launch, the newspapers commissioned this incredible animati (+)

The Herb Lubalin Archives at Cooper Union

The Ministry of Type (+)   20/09/2009

Found via this article at Grain Edit, this collection of images of the Herb Lubalin Archives at Cooper Union by Justin Thomas Kay. This particular image got my attention, the work is astounding — spending some time looking closely and tracing the lines is (+)

Negative Space

The Ministry of Type (+)   20/09/2009

Drawn linked to this set of posters by Noma Bar that make clever use of negative space, and they reminded me of an image I’ve had saved on my computer since last year, this poster for the Humana Festival by Tomer Hanuka, below. It doesn’t need any explana (+)

Third and Seventh

The Ministry of Type (+)   20/09/2009

This has nothing to do with type (well, not much) but I found it so remarkable I want to post about it anyway. Alex Roman has created a series of CG images and short films, based on real places, with a remarkable level of realism and beauty. At first I th (+)

Shenzhen International Energy Mansion

The Ministry of Type (+)   13/09/2009

At first glance, The Shenzhen International Energy Mansion looks worth posting about only for the name alone, it sounds like some Metropolis-style sci-fi update of a concierge-equipped apartment block of the early 20th century. It looks, however, like any (+)


The Ministry of Type (+)   13/09/2009

This feels more like a found type entry than anything else, even if I didn’t strictly find it, and that it’s more lettering than type. The Contemporist posted an article and series of photos of Habitare ’09, Finland’s largest furniture and interior design (+)

FF Dagny

The Ministry of Type (+)   12/09/2009

Yves Peters wrote recently on the history and origins of the FontShop-released FF Dagny, worth reading in full, especially for the interesting discussion at the end on how to categorise the face. I must admit though to being drawn in by the beautiful illu (+)


The Ministry of Type (+)   12/09/2009

Whenever I’ve seen this car around Brighton it’s either been very dark or I’ve not had a (decent) camera with me, so it was good the other day to see it sat there in full sunshine, and me with a proper camera too. Too few people decorate their cars, feari (+)

Fabric Type

The Ministry of Type (+)   30/08/2009

Whenever I’m playing around with guilloches, I often think it’d be nice to make an alphabet - to actually generate letterforms with them. It’d mean loads of eye-wateringly complex formulæ, but I think it’d be worth it. Well, Tania Alvarez has created some (+)

Type Online

The Ministry of Type (+)   28/08/2009

It seems hardly a week goes by lately without some interesting new development in online typography. For years there has been a constant grumble from many that the web needs more typefaces available to designers to create great online typography, and ther (+)

Andrew van der Merwe

The Ministry of Type (+)   26/08/2009

Browsing Behance the other day I came across the portfolio of Andrew van der Merwe, a calligrapher and letterer from Cape Town. These sand lettering pieces he’s done are really beautiful - the edges of the letters are so clean and the forms so precise, th (+)

Made of Myth

The Ministry of Type (+)   26/08/2009

It’s Nice That linked to this great piece on Amusement magazine, telling the ‘real’ story of how the iconic figures and objects in videogames were made. I love the idea of these things being made in a workshop - the pong one below is great. It took me a m (+)

Les Animaux en Hiéroglyphe

The Ministry of Type (+)   15/08/2009

This is a great little instruction book on drawing animals Les Animaux Tels Qu’ils Sont, full of beautiful little illustrations and diagrams - you can see it on this Flickr set, posted by Agence Eureka. The illustrations are all great, but I find that for (+)

Robot Talk

The Ministry of Type (+)   08/08/2009

I’ve been following Penny Arcade for quite some time now - they run commentary and opinion on games with short articles and webcomics, expertly written and drawn by Gabe and Tycho. They’ve recently been running a series of webcomics exploring various shor (+)

Typography in Public Spaces

The Ministry of Type (+)   08/08/2009

I’m loving these examples of signage and lettering in this Flickr set, linked from City of Sound. Most of them seem to be from Prague, but there are a fair few from various other places in Central and Eastern Europe, and as far as I can tell a lot of them (+)

Reden ist Silber

The Ministry of Type (+)   28/07/2009

I’ve been following the RSS Feed of Martin Schröder’s blog for a while now; he’s a printer using traditional letterpress techniques in Berlin and posts a lot of interesting and beautiful work on his site. Mostly, I will admit, I just look at the pictures (+)

Instant Hutong

The Ministry of Type (+)   27/07/2009

Only yesterday I posted about cities, maps and dense architecture, and I find this on NOTCOT - Instant Hutong. It’s an art project to both record and to bring to people’s attention the traditional patterns of neighbourhoods, courtyards and lanes in Beijin (+)

Creators Inn

The Ministry of Type (+)   27/07/2009

I’m often saving links from the Contemporist, but this hotel, Creators Inn by Elvine (and others), caught my eye for the nice labelling of the wardrobes and the printed history of Elvine on the shower screen. It’s a nice touch, but I wonder if it doesn’t (+)


The Ministry of Type (+)   26/07/2009

This has been hanging around in my browser tabs for a little while - it’s right up my street too, The Top 10 Comic Book Cities on the Architect’s Journal. A few people have linked to it (I have no idea where I first found it), so you may have already seen (+)

Mechanical Cheetah

The Ministry of Type (+)   26/07/2009

Nothing type related, this, but it’s still lovely. Andrew Chase is a photographer and all-round multi-skilled artist. I came across some pictures of his mechanical cheetah on NOTCOT, which linked to bookofjoe. There are more images of his sculptures on hi (+)

Paris Linocut

The Ministry of Type (+)   21/07/2009

Adrian Giddings just linked to this on Twitter, a linocut map of Paris by Mark Andrew Webber. It reminds me a little bit of these typographic maps of London and Portsmouth, and of course the ORK ones of various places, but because it’s hand-done (and a li (+)

Geurilla Typography

The Ministry of Type (+)   17/07/2009

One for the ‘what a nice idea’ pile, this. Cardon Webb goes round upgrading notices pinned up in the streets - you know the ones, ‘Lost Cat’ and the like. There’s one I saw the other day near me that was pleading for the return of a lost plush bunny. I ho (+)

Guerrilla Typography

The Ministry of Type (+)   17/07/2009

One for the ‘what a nice idea’ pile, this. Cardon Webb goes round upgrading notices pinned up in the streets - you know the ones, ‘Lost Cat’ and the like. There’s one I saw the other day near me that was pleading for the return of a lost plush bunny. I ho (+)

Bryan Christie Design

The Ministry of Type (+)   11/07/2009

The Cooper Union Typography blog linked to some illustrations of New York storefronts by Bryan Christie. They’re lovely things, and remind me of this blog of London shopfronts, which I’ve written about before, sort of. Christie’s studio portfolio has a gr (+)

Magazine N°47

The Ministry of Type (+)   11/07/2009

I saw the cover of this magazine, designed by Ill Studio, on ISO 50 and immediately saved the link; I love the type, the photo, the composition, everything. The rest of the magazine is beautiful, but it’s the cover I love - go and take a look at the rest (+)

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