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Graphic Design and typography (Visitar)

KO-OP Invitational Print Day

Swiss Legacy (+)   18/10/2010 (+)

Stationery Design Now!

Swiss Legacy (+)   15/10/2010

This book presents over 200 outstanding stationery projects from companies all over the world, with a historical and technical essay about the role of stationery design by Jay Rutherford, Professor for Visual Communication at Bauhaus University Weimar. Fo (+)


Swiss Legacy (+)   13/10/2010

Kaleidoscope is a part-publishing house, part-gallery, part-magazine platform covering contemporary art and culture, founded in Milan 2009. Issue 6 of the magazine (see selections above) was art directed and designed by Studio Filippo Nostri, based in Rav (+)

Build — Works (1)

Swiss Legacy (+)   12/10/2010

I don’t think there is anything more to say.Build by Build with GP.Not for sale. Beautiful. (Secretly hoping I’ll get a copy) (+)

Unter dem Motto postcards set

Swiss Legacy (+)   12/10/2010

This Limited edition set of 20 postcards byBart de Beats, Julia Born & Laurenz brunner, Julien Carreyn, Sulki & Min Choi, Bardhi Haliti, Paul Haworth & Sam de Groot, Karl Holmqvist, Frank Koolen, Florian Ludwig, Mark Manders, Stefan Marx & Harsh Patel, Ol (+)

“MUJI” Book from Rizzoli

Swiss Legacy (+)   11/10/2010

This fascinating monograph provides an unprecedented view into the inner workings of Muji, one of the most influential brands leading sustainable design. A prescient advocate of sustainable consumption and the matchless utility of good design, Muji’s foun (+)

The Alphadicks – M/M (Paris)

Swiss Legacy (+)   11/10/2010

The Alphadicks is the first volume published by M/M (Paris): 26 drawings by Mathias Augustyniak with an introduction by Glenn O’brien.Available soon. (+)

Krisis magazine – Issue #1

Swiss Legacy (+)   10/10/2010

Krisis is a pubblication which underlying’s aim is to investigate differents aspects of the permanent crisis from the point of view of designers, visual artists and visual communicators. Every issue is devoted to a specific emergency. Krisis has adopted t (+)

Salon Light #7 – Paris

Swiss Legacy (+)   10/10/2010

October 22-24th / Point Ephémère cneai = organises the Salon Light: an annual meeting of micro-publishers of artists’ publication at Point Ephémère. For its seventh edition, the Salon Light is part of the program off of the FIAC and will take place from t (+)

David A. Smith, Sign Painter

Swiss Legacy (+)   08/10/2010

David A Smith is a name that has become synonymous in Sign-Writing and Glass gilding circles, with high quality, hand crafted reverse glass signs and decorative silvered and gilded mirrors.In this short documentary, we reveal behind the scenes work, techn (+)

10 Redesigned Movie Posters Inspired by Men’s Style

Swiss Legacy (+)   06/10/2010

EveryGuyed presents Dress the Part, a collection of 10 Redesigned Movie Posters Inspired by Men’s Style.The collection includes American Psycho, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Dumb and Dumber, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, Shaun of the Dead, Sup (+)

Swiss Design Wallpapers by Network Osaka

Swiss Legacy (+)   04/10/2010

Very talented designer Network Osaka informed me he found some good old Swiss Design wallpapers in his computer archives… Download them here (+)

Magazine magazine – First issue on the newsstands

Swiss Legacy (+)   04/10/2010

After 10 years being free, Magazine magazine releases today its first issue on selected newsstand. Magazine is a publication dedicated to style, media & creative industry. (+)

T-post, the world’s first wearable magazine

Swiss Legacy (+)   03/10/2010

Above lastest issueOffbeat news + graphic t-shirt = T-post, the world’s first wearable magazine. Every five weeks, subscribers receive a new t-shirt in the mail. News story on the inside. Artist interpretation on the front. All-around conversation piece. (+)

Graphic Design for Fashion – Book

Swiss Legacy (+)   01/10/2010

Fashion is a high-impact, fast-paced industry that demands an aspirational visual message and requires constant reinvention. Graphic design for fashion must represent the core values of the brand while pushing boundaries and expectations. Often seen as a (+)

Darren Firth/Keeps Me Sane – Portfolio Update

Swiss Legacy (+)   30/09/2010

My friend Darren Firth from Six studio just updated his personal portfolio. Lovely work as usual. (+)

How Ink Is Made

Swiss Legacy (+)   29/09/2010

A Chief Ink Maker shows how colour and ink is created from the raw ingredients-powder, varnish, and passion. Everything designers and printers need to know about the process, the challenges and joy of ink making.Written and produced by Ian DaffernDirected (+)

Typeface Memory Game

Swiss Legacy (+)   27/09/2010

The Typeface Memory Game designed by excellent Brazilian studio PS2 is now available in a new edition at Bis Publisher.Get your copy now. (+)

FILE Magazine issue 4 – out now

Swiss Legacy (+)   27/09/2010

FILE Magazine is a bi-annual publication featuring a broad selection of visual communication in the fields of graphic design, art, photography, fashion and moving image. Beautifully presented in a 30 x 39 cm hard cover with a full colour 96 pages newsprin (+)

The Helvetica Scenario

Swiss Legacy (+)   24/09/2010

From the pilot episode of Look Around You, a parody of educational films: The subject is Calcium.This video doesn’t have anything to do with Helvetica, besides the name… It’s quite funny. (+)

Threadless, The Book

Swiss Legacy (+)   23/09/2010

Back in 2000, Threadless was as an online design competition based in a Chicago bedroom. Over the past decade, the groundbreaking website became a global t-shirt phenomenon and one of the internet’s most creative and vibrant communities.Threadless: Ten Ye (+)

Museum for Rescued Letters – Buchstabenmuseum

Swiss Legacy (+)   23/09/2010

The Museum of Letters in Berlin is better known to the locals as Buchstabenmuseum. The gallery houses a huge collection of salvaged letters that were once part of large store and factory name signs.With the current rise in popularity of typography and a s (+)

This is Display

Swiss Legacy (+)   22/09/2010

Display is a curated collection of important modern, mid 20th century graphic design books, periodicals, advertisements and ephemera. Documenting, preserving and providing public access to these original materials will raise the profile of Graphic Design (+)

Juana Gaita Magazine – Archive Collection

Swiss Legacy (+)   22/09/2010

Great archive collection of 53 Years of the Latvian magazine Juana Gaita.(via Emily Forgot) (+)

Dictaphone Parcel

Swiss Legacy (+)   22/09/2010

Animated short film, Royal College of Art, London, 2009Dictaphone Parcel is an animation based on a sound recorded with a dictaphone travelling secretly inside a parcel. As the hidden recorder travels through the global mail system, from London to Helsink (+)

Touchable Sound, A Collectoin of 7-Inch Records from the USA – Book

Swiss Legacy (+)   21/09/2010

Soundscreen’s next book, Touchable Sound: A Collection of 7-inch Records from the USA, is an exciting celebration of nearly 25 years of labor intensive 7-inch record packaging and design. Curated by Brian Roettinger, Mike Treff, and Diego Hadis, Touchable (+)

Whitney on Site: Barbara Kruger

Swiss Legacy (+)   21/09/2010

Barbara Kruger designs the third Whitney site-specific installation at 820 Washington Street on the corner of Washington and Gansevoort Streets. Kruger produces a dramatic intervention that addresses the viewer with powerful and enigmatic textual statemen (+)

Index Book Selected B – Call for entries

Swiss Legacy (+)   20/09/2010

Call for entries now open for its second edition, ‘Selected B’, until 10 December 2010.Selected is not an award, but rather, as its name suggests, it is a selection of interesting projects completed during the past year. These are chosen by a selection te (+)

1976 Montreal Olympics

Swiss Legacy (+)   20/09/2010

© All rights reserved by AisleOneAntonio Carusone from the excellent AisleOne keeps feeding us some great images of the 1976 Montreal Olympics identity designed by Georges Huel and Pierre-Yves Pelletier.More images over at the Swiss Legacy Group on Flickr (+)

Joseph Hales

Swiss Legacy (+)   20/09/2010

Joseph Hales has a promising portfolio. (+)

DOCUMERICA Project by the Environmental Protection Agency

Swiss Legacy (+)   18/09/2010

I don’t share photography very often on Swiss Legacy even though it is a passion, but I felt this project needed to be talked about. I love browsing photography archives, especially when it covers the period of the 50s, 60s or 70s.For the Documerica Proje (+)

Linotype: The Film Trailer

Swiss Legacy (+)   18/09/2010

Linotype: The Film is a documentary about Ottmar Mergenthaler’s amazing Linotype typesetting machine and the people who own and love these machines today.Director & Editor: Doug WilsonDirector of Photography: Brandon GoodwinAudio & Sound Design: Jess Heug (+)

Your Friends updated their portfolio

Swiss Legacy (+)   17/09/2010

Great new projects from Oslo based studio Your Friends. (+)

Julie Rousset

Swiss Legacy (+)   17/09/2010

Paris based graphic designer Julie Rousset. (+)

The Full Spectrum for Dwell – Josef Albers & Herman Miller

Swiss Legacy (+)   17/09/2010

2 episodes of Dwell Magazine’s “The Full Spectrum on Color”. (+)

Gastrotypographicalassemblage – Lou Dorfsman’s exhibition at Kemistry Gallery

Swiss Legacy (+)   16/09/2010

Gastrotypographicalassemblage17 September — 30 OctoberKemistry Gallery is celebrating the work of legendary designer Lou Dorfsman, art director for the CBS network.The exhibition centres on his most notable creation, the 11-metre wide handmade wooden typo (+)

Offset 2010 Conference

Swiss Legacy (+)   16/09/2010

Don’t forget to buy yourself a ticket to Offset 2010 Conference while they last! (+)

Massimo Vignelli – A Short Documentary by John Madere

Swiss Legacy (+)   16/09/2010

© 2009 John Madere. All rights reserved.Photographer John Madere presents here a short documentary about Massimo Vignelli. This is the first of a series of docs on designers. Looking forward to seeing the next ones.Talking about Massimo Vignelli, today wi (+)

Minimal Folio App for iPad

Swiss Legacy (+)   14/09/2010

Minimal Folio is a simple way to present images and video on your iPad. The app is unbranded so your folio can do the talking.Simple operation— Add images and video from Photo Albums on your iPad or transfer via iTunes on your desktop— Rearrange however y (+)

Aurélien Stein

Swiss Legacy (+)   14/09/2010

Aurélien Stein, independent graphic designer from Nancy, France has updated his website with some very nice photography of his work. (+)

Welcome to OFFF Atelier

Swiss Legacy (+)   14/09/2010

A famous quote suggests to work, and then learn how to do it.Yeah, we know that studying doesn’t hurt, au contraire, but it’s true that academicism can be unpractical, mostly on creative matters. Also, strong and original personalities aren’t usually born (+)

Left, Right, Up, Down – New Directions in Signage and Wayfinding

Swiss Legacy (+)   13/09/2010

When trying to get through masses of people quickly at a train station or airport to catch a connection, when looking for the right hospital ward in an emergency, or when simply navigating through large, unfamiliar buildings such as museums, convention ce (+)

Hyperactivitypography from A to Z

Swiss Legacy (+)   13/09/2010

Who knew that a publication that looks like an attractively designed children’s book could take such a revealing look at the demanding topic of typography. The colorful pages of Hyperactivitypography from A to Z present a simple and fun, yet amazingly cle (+)

Typo Mag – Typography in Magazines

Swiss Legacy (+)   12/09/2010

“Typo Mag – Typography in Magazines” is the first book in a new series of typography books conceived as a source of inspiration for designers who use typography as one of the main resources in their projects, from both an expressive as a communication vie (+)


Swiss Legacy (+)   10/09/2010

Here is a nice showcase video of Toronto based studio Concrete. Thanks Cristian for the link. (+)

Supergraphics Book by Unit Editions – Pre-order

Swiss Legacy (+)   08/09/2010

Jean-Philippe Lenclos. Gondolys Shipyard, close up of the east façade. Port Barcarès, France. 1969Troika. All The Time in the World – Electroluminescent Art Wall at Terminal 5. Heathrow, UK. 2008Supergraphics is the name of an architectural movement from (+)


Swiss Legacy (+)   08/09/2010

Stout/Kramer is Dutch design studio formed by Marco Stout, Evelyne Kramer and Rinus Van Dam. (+)


Swiss Legacy (+)   06/09/2010

David Valy & Annelise Cochet duo aka Camping Design produces very nice projects for music, Art and cultural clients.See extensive portfolio here. (+)

Côme de Bouchony

Swiss Legacy (+)   06/09/2010

Very nice work from Paris based Art Director Côme de Bouchony. (+)

Le Havre Font Designed by Insigne

Swiss Legacy (+)   01/09/2010

Le Havre is a geometric sans serif inspired by the golden era of the passenger ship, when getting to your destination was a delight in and of itself. Compressed capitals, a low x-height and geometric construction give this art deco inspired sans a unique (+)

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