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Oh, pickles!


this is what I’m talking about

Oh, pickles! (+)   28/04/2008

Can’t get this notion out of my head lately. The kicker is the search for tuning in to exactly what might make me happy + what might also produce income. (This is something Holly at decor8 has been addressing via many interesting interviews lately, if yo (+)

twig type, found text: art of chris kenny

Oh, pickles! (+)   03/04/2008

Just learned about the artwork of Chris Kenny, a British artist creating three-dimensional “collage” pieces. I’m almost equally drawn to each of the three veins of his work, so will just have to divide this one up into two separate posts. Above are two o (+)

new fonts!

Oh, pickles! (+)   31/03/2008

On my way home tonight, I was just thinking about adding some fonts to my collection for some inspiration… and hello, in my Inbox was an email from FontShop - new fonts!P22 Imperial Script, from International House of Fonts (IHOF), above - so pretty, sti (+)

green goodness

Oh, pickles! (+)   28/03/2008

Not only did it snow here yesterday, but it snowed… a lot. Full coverage snow: shovel the sidewalks, scrape the car windows, lumpy white-covered yews. I was ready for spring months ago and this winter is becoming positively agonizing. So - sorry to go on (+)

tracey emin in venice

Oh, pickles! (+)   07/03/2008

This may be old news to you. Artist Tracey Emin was selected to represent Great Britain at last year’s Venice Bienalle (read about it here). I was first introduced to Emin’s work when in London for school in 1999 - at the time, her work, My Bed, was shor (+)

crystal kluge - new fonts!

Oh, pickles! (+)   04/03/2008

Crystal Kluge emailed over the weekend to let me know about her two new fonts, Henparty Sans and Henparty Serif, available from Font Bros. Since it seems Michigan is stuck in a perpetual winter, it helps to look at something so cheery and fun! (+)

monday punk

Oh, pickles! (+)   03/03/2008

I’m feeling incredibly blah and oogy this morning, so probably not much “in depth” for the pickle blog today… but I’ll just have to share a few from my “this is cool” file!I wish I knew more about this amazing “Customised Fruit”. I’d emailed Sarah King.. (+)

crystal kluge

Oh, pickles! (+)   29/02/2008

Have you met the work of Crystal Kluge yet? She’s been on my little hand-lettering favorites list over there to the left since Oh, Pickles! began. Crystal’s background is in interior design; however, since she had her first lettering job in 1999, her fre (+)


Oh, pickles! (+)   26/02/2008

Binth, a collaborative design firm in Chicago focused primarily on screenprinting, designs and produces a range of unique work, from greeting cards to pillows and original prints. Their emphasis on strong color is evident - they mix water-based inks by h (+)

lovio george + typography + letterpress = wow!

Oh, pickles! (+)   18/02/2008

It’s been a while since I’ve wanted to share pictures of the set of Detroit-inspired notecards designed by Lovio George Inc., an advertising, design marketing, publication relations firm in Detroit. Each notecard features a custom design using type to co (+)

more tasty typography

Oh, pickles! (+)   15/02/2008

 Just a bit more chocolate before we go for the weekend. I wish I could say a little more about this fantastic chocolate type from Typolade in Germany - but I don’t know German. (Although isn’t German chocolate supposed to be some of the best in the worl (+)

chocolate type

Oh, pickles! (+)   15/02/2008

If you’re not already stuffed full of Valentine’s Day chocolate, do take a look at some oh-so-delicious chocolate type. Gemma at fortheloveoftype made these incredible chocolate frosted cupcakes with Gill Sans type decoration! Any chocolate cupcake is ok (+)

more alphabet montages!

Oh, pickles! (+)   13/02/2008

Just discovered, another great resource for finding new artists, or, as they say: “Great Design. Straight from designers.” I found it tough to pull away from the great bags from Holly Aiken (I seriously need a new bag - more to come on (+)

what do you need?

Oh, pickles! (+)   12/02/2008

Get inspired for Valentine’s Day by checking out Douglas Wilson’s All You Need is Love letterpress poster here. I pretty much think it rocks. The bummer part is that they’re all sold out on Keep Calm, but here’s to crossing fingers and hoping he may chur (+)

alphabet photography

Oh, pickles! (+)   06/02/2008

I can’t decide if I think this is cool or not. Alphabet Photography lets you enter a word and it generates the word using photography of things that look like letters… but some of the letters seem a little off. Maybe the idea has merit but the execution (+)

letters and more letters!

Oh, pickles! (+)   05/02/2008

I just came across Sweet Bella’s beautiful white ceramic letters (via openhouse-richmond) and like them a lot! I’m not sure where to find them or exactly how to buy (yet) but will have to find out.And wouldn’t you know - it must be letter day! I’ve been (+)

big dingbat

Oh, pickles! (+)   31/01/2008

I’ve just pulled myself out of a Veer vortex, prompted by an innocent venture over to I Love Typography. Just wanted to check things out and stay updated - I also really like the design of the blog itself.It’s sort of funny; just yesterday I was thinking (+)

hand lettering

Oh, pickles! (+)   23/01/2008

Computerized fonts and graphic design are exciting, don’t get me wrong. But something always pulls me toward the more eccentric versions of typography. I’m drawn to letterpress printing for its unpredictability and quirkiness, and I have always adored be (+)

fab typography fun!

Oh, pickles! (+)   22/01/2008

I just came across this AMAZING flash site called Bembo’s Zoo via I Love Typography. Click on a letter and check out the fabulous typography animals - each one is beautifully created only from the letters in its name. WOW! (+)

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