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TypeNew (+)   17/08/2009

Dancemade is the online presence of the swedish graphic designer Jens Nilsson, who recently updated. (+)


TypeNew (+)   17/08/2009

Matt Judge, the founder of Design Assembly and working for This is Real Art, let us know about a recent project for Cavalli’s production of L’Ormindo. (+)


TypeNew (+)   17/08/2009

Subsist is the creative output for the talented aspiring graphic designer and art director Michael Kosmicki. Located in London. Set to graduate 2010. (+)

Gerusa Type Family

TypeNew (+)   13/08/2009

Loligovulgaris is on a pre-release preview on their new type family, Gerusa, at their website and at Behance Network. (+)

The Lost Poster

TypeNew (+)   13/08/2009

The “lost” poster colorway, designed by Build. A2 size (16 1/2″ x 23 1/2″), letterpress printed in metallic black and silver inks on Cranes Lettra 300gsm paper, numbered edition of 100 copies. Available through the Objectified Shop. (+)

Client Mono

TypeNew (+)   11/08/2009

Client Mono is a mono-spaced typewriter-inspired font family designed by two young Swedish designers Olof Lindqvist and Sebastian Wadsted. Their first commercial font release, Client Mono is versatile and can be applied in both small point sizes for edito (+)

Wieden + Kennedy

TypeNew (+)   11/08/2009

Wieden + Kennedy for Selfridges goes into Xtra time. (+)


TypeNew (+)   11/08/2009

Neuland – The Future of German Graphic Design reveals a previously undiscovered territory – in search of young talent that will shape the future of German graphic design. (+)

Seb Lester

TypeNew (+)   11/08/2009

Type designer Seb Lester has been taking a break from producing typefaces to work on a series of playful posters and prints – all of which showcase his interest in typographic illustration. Via Creative Review. (+)

Sandberg & Timonen

TypeNew (+)   11/08/2009

Sandberg & Timonen have some serious quality work in their portfolio. (+)

Guy Hulse Updates

TypeNew (+)   10/08/2009

Guy Hulse have updated his portfolio with new work. Tasty. (+)


TypeNew (+)   30/07/2009

PNTS Studio (based in France) updates their site. Composed of professional works and searches. (+)

Design by Music

TypeNew (+)   30/07/2009

Design by Music. Love the site, love the work. (+)

Pre-order Objectified

TypeNew (+)   30/07/2009

Pre-order you copy of Gary Hustwit’s Objectified on DVD now and get a free Tote bag designed by Build. A limited-edition version of the DVD will be announced August 10. Via Grafikcache. (+)


TypeNew (+)   29/07/2009

Iknoki is a design and visual communication collective and studio that was founded in 2007 by Francesco D’Abbraccio, Francesco Greguol and Christian Jugovac. (+)

Never Smile

TypeNew (+)   29/07/2009

Never Smile – Two colour gocco print referencing Eric Gill’s typeface and his alleged shady past. (+)

Captcha Type Battle

TypeNew (+)   29/07/2009

Captcha images are uggly, that’s a fact, and that’s why this is interesting: Man vs. Machine to design a better Captcha. (+)

Neubau Discount

TypeNew (+)   28/07/2009

Stefan Gandl let us know that all Neubau Grotesk packages are on sale ( 35% off usual price!!! ) until 31st of July 2009. The reduced price is valid for four days only, so you better be quick and click. (+)

Copy Paste Character

TypeNew (+)   27/07/2009

Useful little project: Copy Paste Character. (+)

Network Osaka

TypeNew (+)   27/07/2009

Some updates over at Network Osaka. (+)

Peter Crnokrak

TypeNew (+)   27/07/2009

New site and new work from Peter Crnokrak, The Luxury of Protest. (+)


TypeNew (+)   27/07/2009

Late on this one, but Dixonbaxi have launched a very interesting new site based on a beautiful grid. (+)

Alexander Dragin

TypeNew (+)   25/07/2009

Nice typo project by Alexander Dragin. (+)

Web Fonts Panel

TypeNew (+)   24/07/2009

Interesting. TypeCon2009 Web Fonts Panel. (+)


TypeNew (+)   24/07/2009

Simon Bent has just released a new typeface: Silence. (+)

Katja Gretzinger

TypeNew (+)   23/07/2009

The site of Katja Gretzingers Graphic Design Studio is packed with well composed typography. Via AisleOne. (+)

In the line of fire

TypeNew (+)   21/07/2009

In the line of fire from Colin Chow. (+)

40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon mission

TypeNew (+)   21/07/2009

Blanka has added 2 new items to the scale series print run to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon mission, these poster were launched at 4.17pm 20th July 2009, to coincide exactly with the mission landing. Design by Build. – ‘Tranquilit (+)

Marta Cerdà Alimbau

TypeNew (+)   20/07/2009

Beautiful, cheerful and jawdropping. (+)

Portal Font – Free

TypeNew (+)   20/07/2009

Svetoslav does it again. (+)


TypeNew (+)   19/07/2009

Neuforma font family. (+)

Eurico Sá Fernandes

TypeNew (+)   18/07/2009

Check out the amazing type treatments of Eurico Sá Fernandes, an Oporto based graphic designer. Showcases in Cargo Collective and Behance Network. (+)


TypeNew (+)   15/07/2009

T-shirts designed for Gap’s Product (RED) series by Non-Format.Proceeds go to the global fund to fight AIDS. (+)

Dimitre Lima

TypeNew (+)   14/07/2009

Beautiful work from Dimitre Lima, Brazil. (+)

Alberto Romanos

TypeNew (+)   14/07/2009

Intersting typeface design project by Alberto Romanos. (+)

Hey Studio

TypeNew (+)   14/07/2009

Hey Studio have updated their portfolio with this tasty booklet. (+)

Lee Fasciani

TypeNew (+)   14/07/2009

Lee Fasciani Typographics. Alongside each font he has designed a set of specimen posters. (+)

Sneaker Script

TypeNew (+)   10/07/2009

Sneaker Script designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa and available from MyFonts. (+)


TypeNew (+)   09/07/2009

Max Larsson presents a Helvetica-inspired iconset, consisting of 245 icons for web and application design. (+)

File Font – Free!

TypeNew (+)   08/07/2009

Well, it seems that Svetoslav Simov is a happy guy. File (that looks like a round version of Kvant), is his new free-font, which marks 8 free-to-download-fonts on his website. Happiness shared! (+)

Mike Giesser

TypeNew (+)   07/07/2009

Mike Giesser has a sharp eye for type. Behance profile here. (+)

Valentin Adam

TypeNew (+)   07/07/2009

SPVZ is website of Valentin Adam, a Paris based graphic designer, with excellent type experiments. (+)

Jacob Balslev

TypeNew (+)   06/07/2009

Check out the playful type treatment work of Jacob Balsev, Denmark. Behance profile here. (+)

Astrid Ortiz

TypeNew (+)   04/07/2009

Check out the beautiful work of Astrid Ortiz, Barcelona. (+)


TypeNew (+)   01/07/2009

Twstedlogic, a recent graphic design central st martins graduate. (+)

Folch Studio

TypeNew (+)   01/07/2009

Folch Studio updates. (+)

A+B Studio

TypeNew (+)   30/06/2009

Tasty work over at A+B Studio. (+)


TypeNew (+)   30/06/2009

Un.titled updates with new work. On display their work for Keenpac. (+)

Font Soup

TypeNew (+)   29/06/2009

Font Soup, a new foundry is looking for submissions. (+)

Grafik Magazine

TypeNew (+)   28/06/2009

The new look of Grafik Magazine. (+)

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