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Summer Sale 08

Font lovel (+)   08/07/2008

Summer Sale! All fonts from Flat-it 30% OFF at (1 Jul to 15 Aug).New at Myfonts.comBanan Script fonts up to . (+)

Outras Fontes: Jana Thork Bold

Font lovel (+)   08/07/2008

In November 2007 Outras Fontes released Jana Thork, a display font family with a strong uncial influence. Now this font family also includes Jana Thork Bold versions and Jana Thork Pro Bold – a complement that can be used in graphic designs that need more (+)

May the fonts be with you . . . and also with you

Font lovel (+)   12/06/2008

R6D8 is a font family inspired by events which occurred in the distant past in a galaxy which could be described as being somewhat distant. Rexlia is seven weights of ruggedness. Tough. Smart. Armed to the teeth with robot-precise curves. (+)

Pyke’s Peak & Pyke’s Peak Zero

Font lovel (+)   05/06/2008

Wraith-like forms mix Roman inscriptional letters with an ar’deco theme for an ethereal graphic art effect. Pyke’s Peak for magazines and editorial design, book jackets & interiors, posters & broadsides, art & craft objects and other things needing a tou (+)

New from insigne: Aviano Serif

Font lovel (+)   30/05/2008

Insigne’s popular Aviano series returns with Aviano Serif. Aviano Serif features the same classically inspired and extended proportions of Aviano, but instead of the brush drawn forms of the original, Aviano Serif features a more geometric take with smal (+)

New Comicraft font — Brian Bolland’s MR MAMOULIAN

Font lovel (+)   22/05/2008

From the pen of Brian Bolland and the mouse of JG, Comicraft is reluctant to introduce you to Mr.Mamoulian, as he is in probably in one of these three states: Blather, Drudgery and Flummery. However, should you still wish to press on, they’re available n (+)

Sweater Schooled

Font lovel (+)   04/05/2008

Presicav equals new new new from Typodermic: the snide classic, Tempo Bold Extended expanded into a snooty family. Sweater School is Cardigan for kids . . . a textbook font for textbooks and textbooks. Hybrea? New skinnies & fatties. (+)

Silverland and Silverland Gothic

Font lovel (+)   04/05/2008

For a limited time the Silverland font family is 50% offSilverland is a revival of an old type font from the Bruce Type Foundry of New York, the original font included uppercase only plus 22 end caps. This 21st. century version has been expanded to inclu (+)

P22/IHOF - Sneaky

Font lovel (+)   01/05/2008

P22 Sneaky Pro is the latest release from the International House of Fonts. Designed by Michael Clark, the font is a connecting-script and sibling of the popular “Pooper Black” font which shares a similar flow and casual elegance. The shared details of t (+)

New from insigne: Kasuga

Font lovel (+)   01/05/2008

Kasuga, Japanese for spring day, is a contemporary script with eastern influence. Kasuga’s pointed and fluid brush strokes evoke the orient with just a hint of the west. Kasuga is perfect for designs that need an Asian atmosphere. (+)

Michael Browers Releases Mehriban Outline

Font lovel (+)   30/04/2008

Michael Browers announced his latest font release, Mehriban Outline . Mehriban Outline is a revisit of Mehriban, Michael Brower’s most successful text face that was originally released in 2006. Mehriban and Mehriban Outline are deconstructivest revivals (+)

Outras Fontes: Gaia Dingbats

Font lovel (+)   26/04/2008

Gaia is the first dingbat series from Outras Fontes. Each glyph in this font was designed to be used as single forms or as graphic pattens. When repeated several times, they create some interesting optical effects. Their organic shapes gives a nice feeli (+)

Kapitza - Twirl

Font lovel (+)   23/04/2008

Kapitza releases TWIRL, a set of 50 colourful graphic twirl illustrations.TWIRL illustrations come as 300dpi tif files with a transparent background.Perfect to use on their own, as flourishes or to create layered illustrations.See the complete TWIRL colle (+)

Attention, Citizens of Earth: Hoverunit

Font lovel (+)   18/04/2008

At Typodermic, we used font science, lab coats and turbo lasers to generate the perfect model of a font from the year 300000. It’s stroppy, clever & super macho. In the future, Earth citizens will be forced by their cruel robot masters to learn to write (+)

Boldoni Gray on Tipos Latinos 2008

Font lovel (+)   11/04/2008

Boldoni Gray typeface was selected at the 3rd Latin American Biennial of Typography: Tipos Latinos. The exhibition will be held in 10 countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Colombia. 79 works were selected from about 500 subscribers.Yo (+)

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