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Web Fonts

Haiku Monkey (+)   14/07/2010

Slowly, surely,…I’ve uploaded two kits for @font-face web font embedding, for each of my open source families: Lavoisier and Designation. Thanks to Font Squirrel for their font kit generator!Now to start thinking about opening up my commercial fonts for w (+)

The Art of Bold

Haiku Monkey (+)   25/03/2010

The Art of BoldI remember thinking, way back when, that word processing software was amazing in the way it created bold versions of fonts whenever you typed ctrl-b. So naive. Of course, bold fonts are carefully crafted by font designers, not generated by (+)


Haiku Monkey (+)   12/03/2010

Sometimes you need a big font to get across a big idea. Introducing Hunk: (+)

Blues City

Haiku Monkey (+)   26/02/2010

So I saw this awesome neon sign, and it inspired this font.There are hundreds of ligatures in the font, with glyphs joined at the serifs. Really makes a great display font. (+)


Haiku Monkey (+)   26/02/2010

My minor chord series continues with m13: (+)


Haiku Monkey (+)   01/02/2010

I took my recent release, m7, and made it big and blocky. I’m releasing it here for free. Use it, embed it, change it, do whatever you like; just don’t sell it or sell any modifications of it. Let me know if you make something cool with it!Download the m1 (+)


Haiku Monkey (+)   29/01/2010

My new slab serif family, m7, is available now at (+)

Aerohop Now Totally Free

Haiku Monkey (+)   11/01/2010

Apparently word has gotten out, because over the last week you all are downloading Aerohop from at a dizzying pace. Well, if you haven’t already picked it up, the whole Aerohop family is now free. Go get it. And let me know if you do something (+)

Designation: New open source font

Haiku Monkey (+)   17/12/2009

I’ve just finished version 1.0 of a new, open source font family called Designation. It’s released under the SIL Open Font License, the gist being that you can use the fonts for any purpose, you can modify the fonts however you like (as long as you releas (+)


Haiku Monkey (+)   30/11/2009


Typodarium 2010

Haiku Monkey (+)   18/11/2009

The Typodarium folks sent me a free copy of their 2010 calendar (incredibly nice of them! I would’ve bought one), complete with Banyan as the face of May 8. Woot! (+)

Lavoisier 1.3

Haiku Monkey (+)   16/11/2009

I’ve re-worked Lavoisier, tweaking many of the glyphs, and completely redoing the sidebearings and kerning. Take it for a spin! Visit the Lavoisier page to download the font and/or the source files. (+)


Haiku Monkey (+)   16/10/2009

Just released over at! (+)


Haiku Monkey (+)   09/10/2009

So I’ve been working on and off for a year on a text face that I’m tentatively calling “Modus.”The idea of creating a good italic for this is daunting enough so that the font family may never see the light of day. But, in any event, working on the regular (+)

Epistolar Font

Haiku Monkey (+)   08/09/2009

I liked Epistolar so much that I contributed some new glyphs and tweaks. Masklin8 was kind enough to use these tweaks and re-release the font over on Deviant Art. Go check it out and download it (for free)! (+)

Deviant Art Free Font Roundup

Haiku Monkey (+)   13/07/2009

I just went on my semi-annual voyage through the free fonts on Deviant Art, and came up with a few you might be interested in: (+)

Character Combiner

Haiku Monkey (+)   07/07/2009

Character Combiner in ActionI whipped up a program to help me with kerning in FontLab. It’s Windows-only, and needs the .NET framework to run. It’s in pretty raw form, but does what it does pretty well. Feel free to download it (click on the image above) (+)


Haiku Monkey (+)   25/06/2009

Yacht Font (+)

I Am a Bird

Haiku Monkey (+)   13/05/2009

Just released over on I Am a Bird. A slab serif font family with a bit of a twist. (+)

Revolt at 96th Street

Haiku Monkey (+)   28/04/2009

Just can’t get enough subway art from the 70s/80s lately… Love the color palette on this one. Is that the end of a “Zephyr” piece on the left? Is it a 6 train? That’s not the west side 96th Street station, anyway. (Incidentally, I’m loving the “96″ font o (+)

Zephyr Revolt RTW

Haiku Monkey (+)   21/04/2009

Rolling Thunder, oh yeah. (+)

Working on Italics

Haiku Monkey (+)   13/04/2009

Mostly what I’ve done with my fonts so far is just create obliques. Trying my hand at italics on my latest creation:Italics in progress (+)

Font In Progress

Haiku Monkey (+)   31/03/2009

Getting there!… (+)

Font Design Ain’t Always Pretty

Haiku Monkey (+)   17/03/2009

Font currently in the early stages of design. (+)

Zephyr on the Freights

Haiku Monkey (+)   11/03/2009

ZephyrOriginally uploaded by CleveburghUberAllesLove this nearly-monochrome Zephyr piece. Check out the awesome ligatures. The “HY” is a thing of beauty. (+)

sIFR Version of Lavoisier

Haiku Monkey (+)   11/03/2009

Cool! Someone sIFR-ized Lavoisier. Go download it at sIFRvault. (+)

Haiku Ornaments

Haiku Monkey (+)   09/03/2009

Haiku OrnamentsHere’s a free font for you, filled with hand-drawn ornaments. Feel free to download it and use it for anything you see fit. Download link:Haiku Ornaments (True Type) (+)

Lavoisier 1.2 Bold/Italic

Haiku Monkey (+)   18/02/2009

Bold, Italic, Bold-Italic are all done. Go check them out… (+)

Lavoisier ver. 1.2

Haiku Monkey (+)   12/02/2009

I’ve integrated Sergiy Tkachenko’s Cyrillic extensions, added small caps, added some Greek glyphs, added a lot of extra other glyphs with diacritics, and tweeked some of the old glyphs. We’re up to 876 glyphs now. Bold and italic (oblique) versions coming (+)

Lavoisier Font

Haiku Monkey (+)   29/01/2009

LavoisierLavoisier is a free, open source font. Feel free to download it, use it, embed it, tweak it, whatever you want. You can play around with the source file if you have FontLab. If you make a change that you think is valuable, let me know and maybe I (+)

Early 80’s on 86th Street.

Haiku Monkey (+)   29/01/2009

Rasta and Revolt, oh yeah. 86th and Broadway. I can almost smell the stale subway air wafting up the stairs… (+)

sIFR, et al

Haiku Monkey (+)   28/01/2009

Great post over at Smashing Magazine about web typography. Scattered through the article are a bunch of sIFR-based, and quasi-sIFR techniques and plug-ins. I just finished playing around with some of them.TTFTitles WordPress Plug-In: Works beautifully. Th (+)

Inconspicuous Vertical Metrics

Haiku Monkey (+)   14/01/2009

Johno has published my article over on iLT! (Debate rages on about whether or not they should be called “metrics”…) (+)


Haiku Monkey (+)   12/01/2009

Well, this is old news (2007), but I just stumbled across a version of sIFR that doesn’t require Flash in order to create Flash font files. It works with the wonderful swfmill, a project central to the open source Flash development community.Check out ope (+)


Haiku Monkey (+)   22/12/2008


Steel Sedan

Haiku Monkey (+)   04/11/2008



Haiku Monkey (+)   15/10/2008



Haiku Monkey (+)   08/10/2008

Available in Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Black, and Black Italic. Black and Black Italic are free. (+)


Haiku Monkey (+)   09/09/2008


Haiku Monkey fonts are now available at, as well as

Haiku Monkey (+)   02/09/2008

Haiku Monkey fonts are now available at, as well as (+)

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