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Useful Typography Tips For Adobe Illustrator

Smashing Magazine (+)   15/02/2011

  Typography is not only an all-important aspect of design, it is also an art form in and of itself. Choosing the right font, the perfect spacing and even the correct shape of text can be an important factor as to whether a project fails or succeeds. Alt (+)

Best Practices of Combining Typefaces

Smashing Magazine (+)   04/11/2010

  Creating great typeface combinations is an art, not a science. Indeed, the beauty of typography has no borders. While there are no absolute rules to follow, it is crucial that you understand and apply some best practices when combining fonts in a desig (+)

The Beauty Of Typography: Writing Systems And Calligraphy, Part 2

Smashing Magazine (+)   22/06/2010

  The beauty of writing systems is that each has something unique from which to draw inspiration. Two weeks ago, in the first part of this article, we covered Arabic and East-Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese) and a few Indic scri (+)

Guide to CSS Font Stacks: Techniques and Resources

Smashing Magazine (+)   22/09/2009

   CSS Font stacks are one of those things that elude a lot of designers. Many stick to the basic stacks Dreamweaver auto-recommends or go even more basic by just specifying a single web-safe font.But doing either of those things means you’re missing out (+)

Typographic Design Patterns and Best Practices

Smashing Magazine (+)   20/08/2009

  Even with a relatively limited set of options in CSS, typography can vary tremendously using pure CSS syntax. Serif or sans-serif? Large or small font? Line height, spacing, font size and padding… The list goes on and on.To find typographic design patt (+)

Beautiful Hand Drawn Typography

Smashing Magazine (+)   11/08/2009

  Beautiful and creative typography can come in a variety of different forms. Hand drawn typography can be an excellent source of inspiration for graphic designers and typography lovers. In this post we will feature 40 creations that use hand drawn type. (+)

Free Typographic XHTML/CSS-Layouts For Your Designs

Smashing Magazine (+)   08/07/2009

  In May we announced the Typographic Layout Design Contest that aimed to collect beautiful typographic (X)HTML+CSS-based layouts created by the design community and release them for free as a gift for the web design community. The response was overwhelm (+)

Useful Glossaries For Web Designers and Developers

Smashing Magazine (+)   29/05/2009

Advertisement In a day in age where there are just as many freelancers as there are university educated designers, developers, and all around web gurus, it is amazing to me how much many of us don’t know or have forgot about our trade. As a self-taught de (+)

Gorgeous Examples of Floral Typography

Smashing Magazine (+)   23/05/2009

Advertisement Floral typography is the technique that combines typography, calligraphy and lettering to create dynamic, “flourishing” designs. With the help of floral elements you can create very tempting and vivid artworks in which the typography seems t (+)

Typographic Layout Design Contest: Join In and Win!

Smashing Magazine (+)   21/05/2009

Advertisement As web-designers, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of typography. The content is the king and typography is an extremely powerful mean that can help designers to effectively convey their messages to the audience. Recently we presented an (+)

Creative Print Typography Layouts

Smashing Magazine (+)   21/04/2009

In print design, typography is one of the more crucial aspects. Typography is essential the practice of organizing, arranging, and modifying type. The typography techniques uesed in print has a direct impact on how the reader is able to receive the image. (+)

Switch From Print To Web: Where To Start?

Smashing Magazine (+)   16/04/2009

Making the switch from print publishing to digital publishing is a big step. But as costs for everything from paper to shipping increase, making the jump to digital is becoming more appealing to publishers of both newspapers and magazines. It’s a complica (+)

8 Simple Ways to Improve Typography In Your Designs

Smashing Magazine (+)   03/04/2009

Many people, designers included, think that typography consists of only selecting a typeface, choosing a font size and whether it should be regular or bold. For most people it ends there. But there is much more to achieving good typography and it’s in the (+)

Typography Keyboard Layout: Download Now!

Smashing Magazine (+)   02/04/2009

In January we commissioned Ilya Birman, a Russian designer with passion for typography, to adapt his typography keyboard layout (which has become a common typographer’s tool in Russia) to create a version for English-speaking designers, artists and, of co (+)

Drawing Inspiration From Creative Logos

Smashing Magazine (+)   01/04/2009

As designers, we are always in constant need of inpiration. Whether it be web or graphic design, other work to fuel our creativity is essential. Logo design requires the most amount of inspiration however.Below we present a showcase of 50 beautiful, cleve (+)

Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: March 2009

Smashing Magazine (+)   27/02/2009

Desktop wallpapers can serve as an excellent source of inspiration. However, if you use some specific wallpaper for a long period of time, it becomes harder to draw inspiration out of it. That’s why we have decided to supply you with smashing wallpapers o (+)

Smashing Forum Launch and Books Giveaway

Smashing Magazine (+)   09/02/2009

The Smashing Magazine Forum is now officially launched. For a while, we have been working on its design, functionality and details, and today we are happy to finally welcome our readers to the new forum. The idea behind it is to provide our community with (+) Redesign: The Change Has Come

Smashing Magazine (+)   01/02/2009

By Katie KellyThe US government is a brand; the world’s oldest brand (not to be confused with its oldest profession) and one often overlooked in favor of the obvious companies and celebrities. The United States of America is arguably a brand in dire need (+)

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