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New fonts from Process Type Foundry

Typekit (+)   16/02/2011

Process Type Foundry has released five more of their type families for use as web fonts, including Anchor, Kettler, Locator Display, and Maple, as well as Stratum 1 & 2. Plus, current Process Type Foundry customers who have licensed desktop fonts may be e (+)

Case Study: Getting Hardboiled with CSS3 2D Transforms

Typekit (+)   25/01/2011

This is part of a series of guest posts covering tips and tricks for working with CSS. These techniques, along with web fonts, make rich interactive sites achievable with simple and accessible standards-based markup and CSS. Today’s guest post was written (+)

Brooklyn Web Font Meetup with Tim Brown

Typekit (+)   25/01/2011

Join Tim Brown and friends at 6:30pm on Wednesday, February 9th, for an evening of fonts and beer in Typekit’s Brooklyn outpost. Space is limited, so please RSVP today. Tim will present his talk “More Perfect Typography,” a discussion of typographic tools (+)

Sites we like: The Web Font Awards Finalists

Typekit (+)   17/11/2010

The Web Font Awards finalists were selected yesterday at the Future of Web Design conference. The sites are, as expected, supremely talented examples of web typography. But we’re especially proud that all of the finalists trust Typekit to deliver their fo (+)

Sites we like: The Kick Awesome Show, Campaign Monitor, and Designing Monsters

Typekit (+)   12/11/2010

Careful use of CSS3 marks the excellent round of sites we like this week.The Kick Awesome Show is dedicated to design, the web, and general nerdery, not to mention fabulous typography. Proxima Nova Thin Extra Condensed looks, well, awesome set large and i (+)

Font events: Using JavaScript callbacks

Typekit (+)   11/11/2010

This is our fourth and final post in an ongoing series about using font events for better control over how web fonts load. Read the first post for an overview of font events, the second post for information on controlling the FOUT, and the third post for (+)

Featured partner:

Typekit (+)   10/11/2010 provides its users with a custom splash page and personal analytics dashboard. Users can customize their profile with their own photo and colors — and they can choose from a number of fonts, served via Typekit. We worked closely with to (+)

Type rendering: the design of fonts for the web

Typekit (+)   09/11/2010

This is our fourth post in an ongoing series about type rendering on the web. Read the first, second, and third posts.Now that we’ve talked about operating systems and browsers, it’s time to tackle the third element of all web type rendering mixes — the f (+)

Web fonts grow up: A look at the numbers

Typekit (+)   03/11/2010

We’ve long believed that web fonts are a reality now. From the smallest of personal blogs, to some of the largest publishers on the web (including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and AOL, among others), web fonts are being adopted at a fast a (+)

Font events: Fallback fonts and styles

Typekit (+)   02/11/2010

This is our third post in an ongoing series about using font events for better control over how web fonts load. Read the first post for an overview of font events and the second post for information on controlling the FOUT.Most browsers and operating sys (+)

Sites we like: Interhoods, Postbox, Hicksdesign

Typekit (+)   29/10/2010

The streets may fill with ghouls and ghosts this weekend, but these sites won’t scare you away.Interhoods shows off its neighborhood pride with League Gothic, from The League of Movable Type. League Gothic’s muscular shape communicates a sense of patrioti (+)

Font events: Controlling the flash of unstyled text

Typekit (+)   29/10/2010

This is our second post in an ongoing series about using font events for better control over how web fonts load. Read the first post for an overview of font events.An example of FOUT—before and after fonts have loaded—on the blog A Working Library.We’ve d (+)

Announcing Speakeasy: A new open-source language tool from Typekit

Typekit (+)   28/10/2010

At Typekit, we’re working to deliver fonts in as many languages as possible, while continuing to satisfy our core requirement: delivering fonts as fast as possible. There is one significant challenge with that goal: As you support more and more languages, (+)

Photoshelter partners with Typekit

Typekit (+)   28/10/2010

Today, Photoshelter—a service that enables photographers to show and sell their work—announced that they have integrated Typekit into their themes. Photographers using Photoshelter can now create portfolios using Typekit fonts.Screenshot of the new Swiss (+)

Typekit adds support for Adobe AIR 2.5

Typekit (+)   25/10/2010

Today, Adobe released AIR 2.5, which includes support for @font-face.  We’ve been anticipating this release, working with Adobe engineers to ensure Typekit and AIR work together in the best way possible, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve added sup (+)

Sites we like: Smithsonian Channel, Glass House Conversations, and The Office of Frank Chimero

Typekit (+)   22/10/2010

Simplicity and contrast mark the sites we like this week.The Smithsonian Channel uses Proxima Nova and a black background for a slick, cinematic look. Proxima Nova works equally well in the tiny navigation links as well as in large, numbered time slots. A (+)

Featured Site: Adobe

Typekit (+)   21/10/2010

Adobe’s products and fonts are an integral part of nearly every designer’s day, but you’ve never before seen their classic fonts in use on their very own website. Until this week, that is. Welcome to the new, featuring Myriad Pro:Myriad’s humani (+)

Type rendering: web browsers

Typekit (+)   21/10/2010

This is our third post in an ongoing series about type rendering on the web. Read the first and second posts.Every great web browser has a layout engine that explicitly decides how to turn our markup, stylesheets, and scripts into living, breathing websit (+)

More control with Typekit’s font events

Typekit (+)   18/10/2010

We’ve noticed that the people who use Typekit really pay attention to the details: which web fonts go well together, how they render on different platforms, and how they affect the way their site loads. We love this passionate attention to detail, and we’ (+)

Sites we like: Design made in Germany, Jax Vineyards, and Panic Blog

Typekit (+)   15/10/2010

A few sites that caught our eye this week:Design made in Germany combines FF DIN Round with whimsical (and slightly spooky) animal illustrations and a beautiful, cool gray palette. The hanging numbers in the table of contents are especially well done. Scr (+)

Type rendering: operating systems

Typekit (+)   15/10/2010

As we dig into type rendering on the web, we’ll begin by looking at text rendering engines. We are all familiar with operating systems like Windows and Mac OS X, but within each OS are smaller, specialized components available for use by applications like (+)

Featured Site: City’s Best from AOL

Typekit (+)   14/10/2010

This week, AOL launched City’s Best, a guide to the best local food and entertainment in 25 major US cities. The simple, flexible template features Museo Sans for headlines, plus a unique title font for each city, all served with Typekit.San Francisco sho (+)

Sites we like

Typekit (+)   08/10/2010

Starting this week, and continuing (almost) every week thereafter, we’ll be sharing sites that caught our eye for their attention to typography and sophisticated use of web fonts from Typekit. Here’s what we noticed this week.The newly redesigned 37Signal (+)

Process Type Foundry partners with Typekit

Typekit (+)   06/10/2010

The wait is over. Process Type Foundry is now offering seven of their families for use as web fonts, including Bryant 2, Bryant Compressed, Bryant Condensed, Klavika, Klavika Condensed, Locator, and Seravek. You may have already spotted a few of them in t (+)

Type rendering on the web

Typekit (+)   05/10/2010

Back when web fonts were in their infancy, I asked typophiles to help me understand why fonts look the way they do in web browsers. A year and a half later, with their help, advice from a few expert type technicians, and lots of research here at Typekit, (+)

The Web Font Awards

Typekit (+)   04/10/2010

Our friends at Monotype and Carsonified have teamed up to present The Web Font Awards, a competition designed to showcase the best new typography on the web. Many of the leading sites for the competition are using Typekit, including some of our favorites, (+)

Adobe fonts, now with improved metrics and rendering

Typekit (+)   30/09/2010

In keeping with our strategy of constantly iterating and improving our font library, we have updated the following Adobe fonts to have more consistent cross-platform vertical metrics: Adobe Garamond Pro, Bickham Script Pro, Caflisch Script Pro, Chaparral (+)

Typekit proudly sponsors Letter.2

Typekit (+)   23/09/2010

We’re delighted to be sponsoring Letter.2, the second type design competition of the Association Typographique Internationale. Along with the AtypI, Typekit is committed to promoting excellence in type design, and to providing a platform for designers and (+)

Featured Site: The new New York Times Opinion Pages

Typekit (+)   23/09/2010

This week, the New York Times’ relaunched their Opinion Pages. The new minimal layout distinguishes the Opinion Pages from the rest of the paper, while the flexible template showcases the accompanying illustrations. The entire look exudes the confidence a (+)

Typekit adds Chrome 6 WOFF support

Typekit (+)   21/09/2010

The web moves quickly. Chrome 6 was released at the beginning of September, a mere three and half months after Chrome 5. While it comes with the usual set of new features, it’s also the first version of the browser to support the WOFF standard. Today, we’ (+)

Typekit now supports Android 2.2+ devices

Typekit (+)   16/09/2010

We’ve added support for Android 2.2+ devices. We’re quite excited about this addition for two reasons: First, it expands the number of platforms that support rich typography; second, Android 2.2 supports OpenType font files. OpenType files support hinting (+)

IE9 and the Lost World’s Fairs

Typekit (+)   15/09/2010

Last week, we released support for Typekit fonts on IE9. Today, IE9 beta was launched, and with it some absolutely stunning examples of what IE9 can do from Jason Santa Maria and friends. Presenting the Lost World’s Fairs:Each of the Lost World’s Fairs fe (+)

Updating vertical metrics for cross-platform consistency

Typekit (+)   13/09/2010

We are constantly learning more about how different browsers and operating systems interpret fonts’ vertical metrics. Recently, and with help from experienced type designers and a great deal of research, our understanding of metrics inconsistencies has gr (+)

Typekit adds experimental support for IE9

Typekit (+)   03/09/2010

We’ve rolled out support for Typekit fonts on IE9; republish your kits to see the difference. Since IE9 is not yet mature, this support remains experimental; but we are continuing to work on it and are very excited about the direction it’s heading.What’s (+)

Web Font Meetups: Amsterdam and New York

Typekit (+)   30/08/2010

Are you intrigued by typography and the web? How about beer? We want to meet you.Amsterdam: Monday, September 13th, 6-9pmJoin Typekit founders Bryan Mason and Ryan Carver at the Adaptive Path Amsterdam studio for an evening of geeky conversation about the (+)

Using the Typekit API from Javascript

Typekit (+)   26/08/2010

As part of our ongoing work on the Typekit API, we’ve added support for JSON with callbacks. This means you can now easily use Typekit data in your Javascript code.JSON with callbacksJSON with callbacks, also known as JSONP, is an alternative to XmlHTTPRe (+)

Typekit now serves more font weights and styles to Internet Explorer

Typekit (+)   24/08/2010

When we first built Typekit, our research showed that Internet Explorer had serious limitations when it came to handling multiple fonts from a single font family; as a result, we served just one font per family to IE.But that often meant that when IE was (+)

Typekit heads to TypeCon

Typekit (+)   18/08/2010

The Typekit team is heading to Los Angeles this week for TypeCon 2010, the annual type industry event hosted by The Society of Typographic Aficionados. This Thursday, August 19, we’re hosting the opening night party along with Adobe and Font Bureau. And o (+)

Adobe partners with Typekit to bring legendary typefaces to the web

Typekit (+)   16/08/2010

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Typekit’s launch. It’s been an unbelievable 12 months of growth and learning, not just for us but for webfonts, web design, browser development, and so much more. And we can’t think of a better way to mark this mome (+)

Typekit now supports wildcard domains

Typekit (+)   09/08/2010

We’ve just added a feature that should make using Typekit on subdomains way easier. You can now use * as a wildcard in the authorized domains that can link to a font.This makes it possible to use Typekit on services where every user has their own subdomai (+)

The Typekit API

Typekit (+)   29/07/2010

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Typekit API.Our goal with Typekit is to be the easy to use high quality fonts on any website. As we’ve watched people use our service, we’ve realized that the web interface to Typekit is one of many ways t (+)

Font metrics and vertical space in CSS

Typekit (+)   14/07/2010

We put a lot of effort into the quality of the fonts in the Typekit library. As part of that work, we’ve been researching the relationship between font math and CSS, and would like to share what we’ve found. If you’ve ever wondered why some fonts look sma (+)

Typekit now fully supports Opera

Typekit (+)   08/07/2010

We are happy to report that Typekit now has full support for serving fonts to the Opera browser. We’ve been dealing with small inconsistencies in how that browser handled our method of font serving, but it’s been resolved with changes on our side and the (+)

Quick Tip: Tuning Condensed Fonts with WebFont Loader

Typekit (+)   07/07/2010

With all the webfonts available for use on websites, we have to deal with something we haven’t had to worry about before: condensed fonts. Most of your standard typographic guidelines will still be the same, but the biggest difference is sizing and font s (+)

New releases from FontShop licensed for use on Typekit

Typekit (+)   01/07/2010

Earlier this year we announced that you can buy fonts at FontShop and host them on Typekit. Now, there’s a brand new batch of Web FontFonts available — including some enduring favorites like FF DIN Round, FF Olsen, FF Scala and Scala Sans, and FF Unit and (+)

We’re hiring: Community and support manager

Typekit (+)   29/06/2010

We’re looking for someone to join the Typekit team who can help manage and grow our community and support efforts. See, we believe that a web service is only as good as the support behind it. Currently, everyone at Typekit spends part of their time commun (+)

Improvements to iPhone font support in iOS4

Typekit (+)   23/06/2010

We’re happy to report that the latest version of iPhone OS, now called iOS, includes a fix for the webfont related crashing of Mobile Safari that we observed in previous versions. As we reported earlier, Mobile Safari on iPhone OS 3.1+ will crash when ren (+)

Improved and expanded font specimens on Typekit

Typekit (+)   17/06/2010

A few months ago, I wrote an article for A List Apart introducing my Web Font Specimen project. Since joining Typekit, I’ve been working with our creative director, Jason Santa Maria, on a new version of Web Font Specimen, and we thought it would be great (+)

New navigation features for Typekit

Typekit (+)   03/06/2010

We’ve just rolled out a bunch of new features that make it easier to find and choose fonts. Now, you can switch between list and grid views, as well as different ways to sort Typekit’s library of fonts. And, best of all, you can now add your own sample te (+)

Use Typekit fonts on Posterous blogs

Typekit (+)   01/06/2010

One of the easiest ways to blog is now one of the easiest ways to use fonts. We’ve been working with the team over at Posterous to offer Typekit integration, and we’ve just rolled it out. Starting today, you can use any Typekit account with your Posterous (+)

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