Zapfino is artistic

(+)   12/11/2010

I would like a logo that states: “Not only am I FANCY, I am also a photographer.”DONE! (+)

Zapfino is not so spiritual

(+)   12/11/2010

It’s not just for Hester Prynne anymore.This is a logo adopted by Richard Dawkins-brand Atheism. Which is to say, it’s a logo about nothing. Good thing minimal effort was expended. (+)

Zapfino is Spiritual.

(+)   12/11/2010

Of all of the barfy fonts out there, Zapfino is a shining star. What other font makes everything instantly fancy? Rich? Expensive? Spirital? Vomitous?We know that there are a limited number of decent fonts to go around. But seriously, people. Dig deep. Lo (+)

Comic Sans is TOTALLY Professional

(+)   24/09/2010

This gem comes to us Via Barfer Alan. Thanks for fighting the good fight, Alan!Plaza Director: “We need a sign. Something that says “Terra Southern is a PROFESSIONAL plaza.”Graphic Designer (AKA Director’s wife, who used Photoshop once): “Hmm. That is qu (+)

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