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Project 555 : 16 Bars Ep #2 ["Hip Hop Francais"/"Kinetic Typography" 2011]

Youtube (typography) (+)   11/02/2011

Project 555 : 16 Bars Ep #2 ["Hip Hop Francais"/"Kinetic Typography" 2011]Hip Hop Francais/Kinetic Typography 2011 ©Accidental inspirations Productions 2011 16 Bars Freestyle Episode #1 (Cogner du Beton) FRANZÖSISCH RAP - (+)

Adobe Photoshop CS4/CS5 Typography Tutorial

Youtube (typography) (+)   10/02/2011

Adobe Photoshop CS4/CS5 Typography TutorialPlease No Negative comments only constructive criticism and comment on what you want more of i will be bring out a new bounce video in like 1 week im also going for partnership so please like the video xD it was (+)

5 Free Online Alternatives to Photoshop

Sharebrain (+)   10/11/2010

Today Photoshop still holds the leadership among the image processing tools for web designers and graphic editors, though many free alternative applications already follow the heels of the most successful Adobe’s product. Indeed, Photoshop is the award-wi (+)

tipografia anos 80 e 90.avi

Youtube (tipografía) (+)   07/11/2010

Author: garotohiphop Keywords: Added: November 7, 2010 (+)

HouseHold Hip-Hop (MUSIC VIDEO) | Hyperaptive

Youtube (typography) (+)   05/11/2010

Author: sykoatthetube Keywords: Added: November 5, 2010 (+)

La portada del escándalo de Kanye West

Isopixel (+)   20/10/2010

El polemico cantante de hip hop Kanye West saco esta portada en su nuevo disco.El hip hopero que ya antes se ha envuelto en escándalos sin sentido, como en los premios MTV, alega que en la imagen es el mismo, con su fenix (sic). viaEn su cuenta de twitter (+)

7 Powerful Photoshop Alternatives That Do Not Come At A Price

Sharebrain (+)   11/10/2010

Adobe Photoshop, the flagship product from the house of Abode, has never fallen out of the favor of the designers since it comes bundled with a host of features that give enough opportunity to designers to wield their creative prowess in their individual (+)

F*CK YOU! :: Typography *unfinished*

Youtube (typography) (+)   26/09/2010

Author: hoppidyhip Keywords: Added: September 25, 2010 (+)

MC Chris-White Kids Love Hip Hop

Youtube (typography) (+)   27/08/2010

Author: Duncanmac1414 Keywords: Added: August 27, 2010 (+)

Hip-Hop Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   28/07/2010

Author: MrCrustyelbows Keywords: Added: July 28, 2010 (+)

A long week and too many knob-gags

The Johnson banks thought for the week (+)   11/06/2010

Perhaps it’s been too long a week. Perhaps the annual reveal of The Chip Shop Awards (which hands out prizes to ads that never ran, or never will) has made me a bit jaded. (I’ve always thought a scheme that congratulates ideas that would never go through (+)

Please do not touch the artwork

Veer (+)   11/06/2010

There are benefits to not being a fabulously wealthy hip hop entrepreneur. I mean, there are some problems I will just never have to deal with: how to clean the solid-gold bathtub, maintaining optimum humidity levels in the sneaker warehouse, house guests (+)

Hot Chip: The Warning Poster – Wallzo

Swiss Legacy (+)   22/04/2010

By popular demand, a limited print featuring the artwork developed for The Warning by Hot Chip. The black is signed and numbered. Edition of 100 only. £50 plus postage.Another hot poster by Wallzo available over at his shop. Grab one while it lasts… (+)

What does Hip Hop Mean to You? MIC Night II

Youtube (typography) (+)   20/04/2010

Author: snahpuu Keywords: Added: April 20, 2010 (+)

Real Hip-Hop Forever ? (HD)

Youtube (typography) (+)   14/03/2010

Author: dopevidism Keywords: Added: March 13, 2010 (+)

Nujabes ft. Shing02 - Luv(Sic)(Pt.2) - Kinetic Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   26/02/2010

Author: ModernAbstraction Keywords: nujabes shing02 luv sic part2 kinetic typography hip hop Added: February 25, 2010 (+)

Estelle - American Boy (Typography Music Clip).mov

Youtube (typography) (+)   09/02/2010

Author: balisong1984 Keywords: estelle american boy typographic music clip pop hip hop r'n'b adobe after effects cs3 apple mac macbook Added: February 9, 2010 (+)

Snoop Dogg I Wanna Rock Freestyle (I Wanna Blog)

Youtube (typography) (+)   04/02/2010

Author: DonnyPapermaker Keywords: snoop dogg i wanna rock freestyle i wanna blog donny papermaker battle rap hip hop Added: February 4, 2010 (+)

Hip Hop in Motion

Ateneu Popular (+)   03/02/2010

Comparte y disfruta Ateneu Popular Artículos relacionadosMaRS. The business of aging summitSnakes and LaddersDedicated. Linkin parkEric Hutchinson. Ok It’s Alright With MeKinetic Typography. Eminem Just Lose It MV (+)

Meet the FAULKer !!! Stodles the FAKE Anarchist confederalsocialist the FRAUD

Youtube (typography) (+)   10/01/2010

Author: geminidublinRETURNS Keywords: necro creepy crawl death rap DIE! 'DIE!' Hip-Hop HD power loyalty respect PLR uncle howie confederalsocialist FAKED his #1 All-Time most subscribed Irish Reporter honors suspended Partner johnnysmooth FAGGOT Stodles (+)

Lecrae - Don't Waste Your Life

Youtube (typography) (+)   31/12/2009

Author: hall81388 Keywords: Lecrae Rebel Don't Waste Your Life Holy Hip Hop John Piper Added: December 30, 2009 (+)

In the Hood (Christ Up).avi

Youtube (typography) (+)   05/12/2009

Author: legecistudiosdotcom Keywords: Christian Hip Hop In the Hood Rap Worship Music New Fresh Gospel Added: December 4, 2009 (+)

Dynamic Typography: Slave Thinking by Native Guns

Youtube (typography) (+)   27/11/2009

Author: cyphaflip Keywords: Native guns barrel men bambu kiwi filipino pilipino rap hiphop baybayin alibata dynamic kinetic typography text animation Added: November 27, 2009 (+)

Big Hop & StretchKnockS - "Be Myself" featuring Ty Kee

Youtube (typography) (+)   24/11/2009

Author: bighop Keywords: Big Hop Stretch StretchKnockS Hip Rap Music Video The Investment Be Myself Ty Kee Tynesha Kid Vixen Blount Harvey Typography Motion Added: November 23, 2009 (+)

Big Hop & StretchKnockS feat Singa Blaze - "Where My Smoker's At?"

Youtube (typography) (+)   23/11/2009

Author: bighop Keywords: Big Hop Stretch StretchKnockS Hip Rap Music Video The Investment Where My Smoker's Smokers At Are North Carolina Cack VA Virginia Bad News Motion Typography iTunes Added: November 23, 2009 (+)

Big Hop & StretchKnockS - "Keep This Thang Movin'"

Youtube (typography) (+)   23/11/2009

Author: bighop Keywords: Big Hop Stretch StretchKnockS Hip Rap Music Video Keep This Thang Movin Moving Thing The Investment NC North Carolina Cack VA Bad News Virginia Motion Typography Lyrics Added: November 22, 2009 (+)

Berlin, November 1989

The FontFeed (+)   09/11/2009

In 1989 Joan and Erik Spiekermann founded FontShop. That same year the Berlin Wall came down. On a visit to Berlin Neville Brody – who would co-found the FontFont library with Erik one year later – chipped away a fragment of the Wall, a moment immortalise (+)

the new kerning - A Typographic Rap Music Video

Youtube (typography) (+)   29/10/2009

Author: projectrocks Keywords: the new kerning rap hip hop white kids funny typography matt market eric neylon kara schoeff john stas herron iupui school project music video gangsta thug can i have it like that history dead guys hood fake shit Added: Oct (+)

9 ilustraciones vectorizadas de estilo hip-hpo y rap (+)   26/10/2009

Desde el blog de Ricardo Lince os traigo estas 9 geniales ilustraciones vectorizadas que podéis descargar gratis.Como veis en ellas predomina una estilo rapero o hiphopero juvenil y fresco. Si las descargáis seguro que les encontraréis alguna aplicación. (+)

P.O.S. - Goodbye Typography Final.

Youtube (typography) (+)   26/10/2009

Author: Polangio Keywords: P.O.S. Typography never better after effects hip hop rap Added: October 25, 2009 (+)

P.O.S. - Goodbye Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   25/10/2009

Author: Polangio Keywords: Hip Hop typography p.o.s. goodbye Added: October 25, 2009 (+)

Jac Leirner

Gramatologia (+)   22/10/2009

Hip HopserigrafiaMuseu de Arte da Pampulha, 2008 (+)

Hip Hop Kinetic Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   15/10/2009

Author: trypt84 Keywords: Kinetic Typography after effects motion graphics Added: October 15, 2009 (+)

Venom - Chamillionaire's New Album Drops December 8th

Youtube (typography) (+)   13/10/2009

Author: kalel2333 Keywords: Chamillionaire Venom Promo Album Music Rap Hip Hop Mixtape Messiah Koopa Legend Wallpaper Adobe After Effects Typography kINETIC Venom on the Way Added: October 12, 2009 (+)

Sandwich Shop Identity – Rethink

Swiss Legacy (+)   23/09/2009

A very funny and clever idea for this sandwich ship identity by Vancouver based agency Rethink.(via Swiss Miss) (+)

Swiss Legacy Limited Edition Poster Still Available

Swiss Legacy (+)   09/09/2009

view in large hereDas Erbe der Schweiz-Offset LithoPMS 877 C148 gsm600×800mmPacesetter Matte Text FSC MixedPrinted in Canada by Hemlock-Edition of 100 only.Each poster comes with a certificate of authenticity.30€ (+ shipping) (+)

"Church of America" - (Upwordz) Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   18/08/2009

Author: pnsilasmedia Keywords: upwordz hip hop church of america typography mission christian rap holy hip hop Added: August 18, 2009 (+)

Adamantium- Ramzo Cypher (Next up Kariim, The Black Plague)

Youtube (typography) (+)   12/08/2009

Author: martygee24 Keywords: Adamantium Ramzo cypher rap hip hop albuquerque klassic kalombo ill kicks 16 bars R kelly nas belly federal agents Added: August 11, 2009 (+)

Motion Typography - STATUS TV - Raw Footage

Youtube (typography) (+)   25/07/2009

Author: CTGmusic Keywords: Status Tv Motion Typography Raw Footage Colione Murda Mouf Frank Nit Bo Chicago Rap Hip Hop Music television icon Added: July 25, 2009 (+)

Make War Full Song (Typography)

Youtube (typography) (+)   28/06/2009

Author: VisionaryAmbition Keywords: Jesus Christian Hip Hop Tedashii Make War Identity Crisis Reach Records 116 Clique Added: June 28, 2009 (+)

I MAKE WAR (Full Song)

Youtube (typography) (+)   28/06/2009

Author: mythoughtsfortoday Keywords: Jesus Christian Hip Hop Tedashii Identity Crisis Make War Flame Reach Records 116 clique Added: June 27, 2009 (+)

Verbal Foul Hawk - Rukus 45 - EYENSEE - hip hop - motion typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   27/06/2009

Author: eyekon1 Keywords: hip hop rap eyensee rukus 45 studio rappers rapping freestyle lyrics beats instrumentals kinetic typography Added: June 27, 2009 (+)

EYENSEE | Nereo II - Spoken Word Vs Kinetic Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   11/06/2009

Author: eyekon1 Keywords: nereo eyensee spoken word def poetry kinetic typography motion graphics hip hop rap rhymes beat production slam ii Added: June 10, 2009 (+)

Make War (Typography)

Youtube (typography) (+)   07/06/2009

Author: VisionaryAmbition Keywords: Tedashii Make War Reach Records Flame Christ Sin Music Hip Hop Rap Added: June 6, 2009 (+)

Blame It Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   06/06/2009

Author: rjwhiting Keywords: Jamie Foxx T-Pain Blame It Video After Effects CS4 Music Hip-Hop Rock Typography Words Beat Lettering Video Editing rjwhiting Added: June 6, 2009 (+)

2009 NEW MUSIC Amazing - Lyrics Included - ringtone download - MP3- song

Youtube (typography) (+)   06/06/2009

Author: jiaotingjiaoxhi Keywords: Kanye West Amazing Hip Hop Universal/Island Def Jam [Producer] Hype Williams [Video Producer] Director] Added: June 6, 2009 (+)

What's Your Name - Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   04/06/2009

Author: ShonnyboyMushi Keywords: Usher Whats your name typography bored sweet cool awsome funny entertaining entertainment music flashy hip hop animation after effects illustrator adobe premier pro R & B R and B R+B Added: June 4, 2009 (+)

Looking for something amazing to do on a Saturday? Like

House Industries (+)   20/05/2009

Looking for something amazing to do on a Saturday? Like real-deal craftsmanship? If so, I strongly recommend a visit to George Nakashima’s studio in New Hope, PA. Check their site for details. (+)


House Industries (+)   20/05/2009

Looking for something amazing to do on a Saturday? Like real-deal craftsmanship? If so, I strongly recommend a visit to George Nakashima’s studio in New Hope, PA. Check their site for details. (+)

Hip Hop 1000 Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   04/05/2009

Author: ASwacker Keywords: Typography Hip Hop 1000 English 1000 Animated Typography Added: May 3, 2009 (+)

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