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YouWorkForThem New Fonts

TypoJungle (+)   10/08/2010

Ne10: Designed by Corey Holms, this stencil font takes its inspiration from a neon sign. This monoline sans-serif face works in both large and small scales, making it versatile at bridging the gap between corporate and urban communication.Augustus: Design (+)

The Simplicity of Helvetica

Webdesigner Depot (+)   20/01/2010

Helvetica is one of the most popular typefaces in the world.Technically speaking, it’s a sans serif Grotesque typeface, inspired by and based on the Akzidenz-Grotesk typeface created by Berthold around 1898.In practical terms, though, it’s used by designe (+)

Sovba: a friendly rounded sans-serif inspired by handwriting.

insigne Design (+)   13/10/2009

Sovba is an amiable rounded sans-serif inspired by handwriting. Sovba is useful for a look that is uniquely casual, fresh and smooth. Sovba simplifies character forms down to their basic characteristics, and has a strong, silky smooth forward motion.Sovba (+)

FF49 – The Creation Of FF Unit Slab

The FontFeed (+)   17/08/2009

FF Unit Slab is the most recent of Erik Spiekermann type families to join the ranks of tha sans/serif type systems. (+)

Fair Sans Serif

Brand New (+)   03/08/2009

I'm a little late on this one, as the news actually took place back in March but is certainly redesign worth talking about even if not entirely fresh. What seems like a funny name to anyone outside the financial industry (or at least to me) Fair Isaac Cor (+)

New from insigne: Mittwoch

insigne Design (+)   02/06/2009

Mittwoch is an extended modern serif and a new companion to insigne’s Montag and Dienstag extended sans serifs. Mittwoch conveys a graceful air with its high-contrast letterforms and its ball terminals, but also includes some unique touches that are unexp (+)

New from insigne: Enzia

insigne Design (+)   13/03/2009

Enzia is a friendly and flowing sans serif. Enzia exists somewhere between a slab serif and a semi-sans, and features flared vertical stems and rounded terminals. Its bulbous terminals and open counters inject a flavor of ease and excitement. Enzia provid (+)


Poisongalore (+)   12/11/2008

Mr W mi scrive:”grazie a:Henrik BirkvigAllerDanish School of Media and JournalismsDalton Maagun sans-serif gustoso e gratuitamente* scaricabile*per eventuali dubbi sull’EULA seguasi la discussione su Typophile”. (+)

Droid (Sans, Serif & Sans Mono)

You work for them (+)   30/09/2008

I always give Google tons of crap, because I cannot comprehend how a company who at one time had stocks steadily in the $500 range, can have such ugly products. I mean, they have adult slides, guitar hero rooms, and endless insanity in their posh offices (+)

crystal kluge - new fonts!

Oh, pickles! (+)   04/03/2008

Crystal Kluge emailed over the weekend to let me know about her two new fonts, Henparty Sans and Henparty Serif, available from Font Bros. Since it seems Michigan is stuck in a perpetual winter, it helps to look at something so cheery and fun! (+)

New from insigne: Massif

insigne Design (+)   05/02/2008

Project a powerful image with Massif. Massif is a sans-serif with a high-tech web 2.0 feel. The typeface family is a powerful and sharp design that is highly legible onscreen even at small sizes. Massif features a tall x-height, and its letterforms are c (+)


Tipografias (+)   28/11/2007

[August 2007]Anselm by František ŠtormAnselm: a challenging projectOne of the good practices of today’s type foundries is that they release their type families as systems including both serif and sans serif type. Usually, the sources of inspiration need (+)

New Anselm Type System

Typophile (+)   20/08/2007

Anselm: Universal Type SystemDear friends, One of the good practices of today’s type foundries is that they release their type families as systems including both serif and sans serif type. Usually, the sources of inspiration need to be well tried with t (+)

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