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Low-cost Video Chat Robot

More Coffe Please (+)   15/02/2011 chat, Johnny Chung Lee, low-cost, netbooks, robots, video, webcamsPublicado en: Conceptos, Gadgets (+)


Mundo das marcas (+)   11/11/2010

Democratizar a moda seguindo as principais tendências mundiais através de roupas e acessórios coloridos, joviais e fashion comercializados em lojas modernas à preços incrivelmente acessíveis para boa parte dos mortais consumistas. Foi assim que a FOREVER (+)

Politics, Religion, and Radical Democracy (PubPol 196S)

Youtube (typography) (+)   29/10/2010

Author: DukeChapelPathWays Keywords: Added: October 29, 2010 (+)

Granoque Cross 2010

House Industries (+)   22/10/2010

The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Road Show rolled into town last weekend for two days racing at Granogue. Photo by Joe Mallis With the help of Alex at Woolistic, we surprised them with some special edition merino wool trainers to ward off the post-race chill. (+)

7 Simple and Easy Steps to Receiving a Mediocre Cover Design

Sharebrain (+)   19/10/2010

Whether or not you personally develop book cover designs, this article is a must read for any creative type. Look through this poignant article capturing common requests that make for mediocre and just plain ugly results.View and Vote (+)

Granogue Cyclocross

House Industries (+)   14/10/2010

…this weekend. And we have some cozy warm treats for the squad. More photos coming if I can clean the mud out of my camera from last year. (+)

Colores Colores Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   13/10/2010

Author: Yerocregnes Keywords: Added: October 12, 2010 (+)

Youtube (typography) (+)   24/09/2010

Author: TheSocialHypocrisy Keywords: Added: September 24, 2010 (+)

Heinrich Boell Foundation in Berlin

Copypeist (+)   24/08/2010

The Heinrich Böll Foundation is closely linked to the political party Bündnis 90/Die Grünen and is committed to promoting democratic decision-making, socio-political engagement, and international understanding around the globe. The Foundation headquarter (+)

Gone are the days when the kids frolicked outside in the fields...

(+)   22/08/2010

Gone are the days when the kids frolicked outside in the fields and playgrounds. Now they’re too immersed in the digital lifestyle.I’m such a hypocrite. Check out my Tumblr and follow me, kay? Thanks ;)Submitted by mikhailhanafi. (+)


Copypeist (+)   21/08/2010

TechnoCRAFT. YBCA.San Francisco. TechnoCRAFT. YBCA.San Francisco. Hasta 3 de octubre de 2010 TechnoCRAFT explora cómo se está desapareciendo la frontera entre el papel del diseñador y el del consumidor . Read the original:TechnoCRAFTShare on Facebook Sha (+)

Q&A: Pete Hottelet on the art of bringing fake brands from TV and movies to real life

Copypeist (+)   26/07/2010

In 2006, Pete Hottelet founded Omni Consumer Products. Named after the mega-corporation in RoboCop , the company dedicated itself to the serious business of defictionalizing fictional brands—from Brawndo (the energy drink from Idiocracy ) to Sex Panther (+)


Youtube (tipografía) (+)   29/06/2010

Author: LuroLeoncilloCrinado Keywords: Added: June 29, 2010 (+)


Youtube (tipografía) (+)   23/06/2010

Author: LuroLeoncilloCrinado Keywords: Added: June 23, 2010 (+)

Del «Fast Food» a la «delicatessen tipográfica»

Unos tipos duros (+)   28/05/2010

Cada día nos alimentamos peor, introduciendo en nuestra dieta alimentos no sólo malsanos si no, además, aburridos; siempre los mismos, con su enorme porcentaje de mediocridad poli-insaturada y regustillo a rancio, frito rancio. No, no me refiero al alimen (+)

Del «Fast Food» a la «delicatessen tipográfica»

Lletraferits (+)   28/05/2010

Cada día nos alimentamos peor, introduciendo en nuestra dieta alimentos no sólo malsanos si no, además, aburridos; siempre los mismos, con su enorme porcentaje de mediocridad poli-insaturada y regustillo a rancio, frito rancio. No, no me refiero al alimen (+)

Kinetic Typography - Idiocracy

Youtube (typography) (+)   19/05/2010

Author: AndThenLasers Keywords: Added: May 18, 2010 (+)

Bureau Bruneau, People Love Music

More Coffe Please (+)   30/04/2010

© Boubet para / Artes gráficas y Tendencias, 2010. |Ver el post » Tags: carteles, folletos, identidad, monocromo, música, tipografías (+)

Idiocracy Kinetic Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   27/04/2010

Author: akamizdr3am Keywords: Added: April 26, 2010 (+)

Burocrata by Network Osaka + PDF

You work for them (+)   15/04/2010

Set the wayback machine for January, 2010: Network Osaka sends us their beautiful new serif, titled Haute. Immediately, it starts on a rapid climb toward becoming one of the year’s biggest sellers, and becomes a top-notch addition to the YouWorkForThem Ex (+)

Fonte de comer

IdeaFixa emag (+)   13/04/2010

O pessoal do site Hand made Font faz essas delicionas fontes comestíveis.Tags: design, font, letra, tipografiaPosts relacionadosTipocracia + FontLab (2)LAIKA Font (5)Agostina (0)typetypetype (3)TMDG – Pacotes (8) (+)

Helveticaca. El body para futuros diseñadores

Ateneu Popular (+)   09/03/2010

Si eres diseñador en edad de procrear te gustará saber que puedes inculcar a tu bebé desde bien pequeño el amor por la tipografía y como no podía ser de otra manera, que mejor que empezar por la reina de las tipografías, la Helvetica.Puedes comprar este p (+)

Shalom! Showcase Of Web Design In Israel

Smashing Magazine (+)   23/02/2010

  Israel is a young country with an old heart. It has been quickly built up over the last 60 years as an independent democratic Jewish state and is shockingly cutting edge for a country so new.It is a tiny surreal sliver of land smack dab in the middle o (+)

Una definición "Oclocracia"

Página Maqueta (+)   19/01/2010

Aristóteles distinguió hace ya muchos siglos entre la democracia, que es el gobierno del pueblo, y la oclocracia, que es el gobierno de la plebe o, si se prefiere, de la muchedumbre. En la primera, elegimos a los que creemos mejores y delegamos en ellos - (+)

Chaplin's The Great Dictator Speech [Kinetic Typography]

Youtube (typography) (+)   10/01/2010

Author: Coffeh Keywords: charlie chaplin the great dictator famous speech anti war pro democracy freedom unite soldiers dont fight for slavery liberty kinetic typography university attempt coffeh sweden 2010 1940 hitler adolf world third reich mock-germa (+)

Democratic Money System 7

Youtube (tipografía) (+)   03/01/2010

Author: apologeniuss Keywords: avv. giacinto auriti soldi money maker simec usura bancaria signoraggio Added: January 3, 2010 (+)

Democratic Money System 6

Youtube (tipografía) (+)   03/01/2010

Author: apologeniuss Keywords: avv. giacinto auriti soldi money maker simec usura bancaria signoraggio Added: January 3, 2010 (+)

Democratic Money System 4

Youtube (tipografía) (+)   03/01/2010

Author: apologeniuss Keywords: avv. giacinto auriti soldi money maker simec usura bancaria signoraggio Added: January 3, 2010 (+)

Dia Tipo Natal 2009 * São Paulo

IdeaFixa emag (+)   18/12/2009

Na próxima segunda dia 21, acontece a terceira edição do Dia Tipo em São Paulo.  Um dia inteiro de discussões tipográficas, confira a programação aqui e participe ;) Tags: dia tipo, palestras, Sao Paulo, tipocracia, tipografia Posts relacionados Tipocraci (+)

Photofont – Tipografías reales como la vida misma

Desfaziendo Entuertos (+)   07/12/2009

Así como las tipografías vectoriales sólo te permiten su utilización directa de forma monocromática (hasta que nos las manipulas), las tipografías bitmap permiten el uso de una gama de colores completa, así como de transparenciasLas tipografías convencion (+)

Carrera de Tipografía, CDT - FADU UBA: Empleada pública burócrata 1

Youtube (tipografía) (+)   05/12/2009

Author: poljumalas Keywords: Carrera de Tipografía CDT - FADU UBA: EPB Added: December 5, 2009 (+)

Desarrollo tipográfico para el Guimarães JAZZ 2009

Blog Image & Web Solution (+)   28/11/2009

Desde el twitter de @tipocracia llego a este extraordinario desarrollo tipográfico para el Guimarães Jazz Festival 2009 que realizó el Atelier Martino&Jaña y que les recomiendo que se tomen un tiempo para ver sus proyectos en Behance Network que son de un (+)

Top Dog

House Industries (+)   23/11/2009

Richard Sachs is ranked No. 1 in this week’s USA Cycling Cyclocross rankings. Which is pretty impressive when you consider that he also builds the frames, assembles the bikes, drives the team car, hoses off the bikes in the pit area, organizes the racing (+)

Ron Paul - The Revolution Continues

Youtube (typography) (+)   19/11/2009

Author: ThePhaedrus83 Keywords: Ron Paul Peter Schiff Rand Economy Bush Obama US meltdown Dollar crisis bailout AIG citi acorn glenn beck rush limbaugh olbermann msnbc fox cnn maher sheen penn election 2010 2012 KOS democrat republican libertarian indepe (+)

'Cross Faces

House Industries (+)   28/10/2009

Carlos Alejandro joined me for a while at the Granogue Cyclocross last weekend. After he cleaned all of the mud out of his lenses, he hooked me up with a few gems of the Richard Sachs team elite-class riders: Will Dugan Dan Timmerman Josh Dillon (+)

Support ATMO

House Industries (+)   23/10/2009

Richard Sachs sporting a House merino wool trainer in the bike pit at the Granogue UCI cyclocross race. (+)

color add | um código para daltónicos

O Design e a Ergonomia (+)   21/10/2009

O Daltonismo é uma alteração congénita, associada ao cromossoma X, que resulta numa incapacidade para distinguir algumas cores. Existem diferentes tipos de daltonismo (dicromacia, tricromacia anómala e monocromacia), deficiência que afectam cerca de 10% d (+)

Links for 2009-10-18 []

Vaquelita (+)   19/10/2009

¡Escucha!, primera lección de social media para empresasvia ...Marshall Alexander - Toy Libraryvia ...Jack Dorsey, cofundador de Twitter, trabajando en un medio de pagovia ...Kiss en Vivo, Sa (+)

'cross reference

House Industries (+)   12/10/2009

Cyclocross is all the rage these days, so if you’ve been hitting some of the mid-atlantic series races you might have seen the House Industries script at just about mid six-pack on Richard Sachs’ team jerseys. So far, it’s been a valuable piece of real es (+)

Very Early Registration For Typ09 Ends Tomorrow

The FontFeed (+)   23/09/2009

ATypI Mexico – TYP09 "The Heart Of The Letter" is approaching fast, so don't procrastinate if you want to attend. (+)

Create Democracy

Swiss Legacy (+)   07/09/2009

Democracy is a challenging new graphic design exhibition forming part of Design Event, the North East’s annual design festival. We’re aiming to create the ultimate democratic exhibition; we’re inviting designers and illustrators to submit their visual int (+)

“Hate advertising? Make better ads.”

Veer (+)   19/08/2009

Quipping that most advertising is mediocre, documentary filmmaker Doug Pray goes on to say that Art & Copy, like his other films (Surfwise, Hype, and Scratch) is ultimately about "the innate human urge to express oneself creatively."With a cast of adverti (+)

The Light Bringer

Youtube (typography) (+)   08/08/2009

Author: gotadventure Keywords: Film is Light Gotadventure Plato Socrates The Republic Light Media Animation CG Short Film TV Added: August 7, 2009 (+)

Flame of democracy with a typographic

Youtube (typography) (+)   05/08/2009

Author: ytnmania Keywords: flow ROH Added: August 4, 2009 (+)

Isusko Artabe por la Helvética

Tipográficamente (+)   03/08/2009

Qué tipografía:1) Usas frecuentemente? (Por qué?)Helvética. Sencillamente me encanta y encaja en cualquier proyecto.2) Prefieres? (Por qué?)Cualquiera de palo o sans serif. Elegancia y sobriedad3) Odias? (Por qué?)La OCR, comic sans, cualquier manuscrita (+)

Illustrative Festival Berlin 2009

g4graphic (+)   20/07/2009

From Neocraft to Graphic NovelIllustrative art festival returns to BerlinParis, Zurich and now Berlin: ILLUSTRATIVE 2009 will return to the creative capital to celebrate the cutting-edge works of contemporary graphic art for the fifth ti (+)

Acaban de terminar las elecciones legislativas en mi país.

Diseño editorial (+)   29/06/2009

Acaban de terminar las elecciones legislativas en mi país. Dura derrota del oficialismo. Espero que la cordura y conciencia demócrata del matrimonio presidencial le gane a su furia y sobervia política.Mi consejo gráfico para los Kirchner: por favor piense (+)


Youtube (tipografía) (+)   26/05/2009

Author: PabloCristo Keywords: helvetica Added: May 26, 2009 (+)

Editor de tipografía online

Tokyographics (+)   19/05/2009

FontStruct es un sitio interactivo para crear fuentes, una idea brillante para todos los amantes de la tipografía.Introduction to FontStruct from fontstruct on Vimeo.Mi primer experimentoCrea tu cuenta en FontStruct aquí (+)

Apócrifa 10: Soy de Juguete

Magentta (+)   15/05/2009

La décima edición del magazine online Apócrifa ya tiene convocatoria, “SOY DE JUGUETE”. En esta ocasión se da espacio a todos aquellos creadores del mundo del Art Toy incluyendo a todas sus corrientes como paper toy, plushtoy, vinyl toy, resin toy, etc. C (+)

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