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Old Lectures By Martin Majoor Now Up For Viewing

The FontFeed (+)   12/05/2010

Martin Majoor has collected some of his old lectures (in English, German and Dutch) and put them up on his personal website for viewing. (+)

Xmas is no dis…

Text Wrap (+)   20/12/2009

Bickham Script Pro (which sports a dazzling array of alternate characters)“Holiday” comes to us from the Old English hāligdæg (holy day). “Christmas” is also from the Old English Crīstes mæsse (Christ’s mass).“Xmas,” on the other hand, derives from a... (+)

Sure, I Guess That’s My Final Answer

Hoefler & Frere-Jones (+)   09/11/2009

Typeface: Whitney SemiboldI have a friend, an editor at a renowned university press, who is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the English language. He is my go-to man for typo-lexico-philological questions, like whether there’s an English word th (+)

"A Dream Within a Dream": By Edgar Allan Poe

Youtube (typography) (+)   12/04/2009

None Author: bernardshakespeare Keywords: Dream Within Edgar Allan Poe Poetry Lyrical Depression Imagery Dark Golden England English Literature Bertram Selwyn Added: April 12, 2009 (+)


Ambigramas de serpiente (+)   06/10/2008

Continuando la entrada anterior, aquí están los ambigramas finales para "Marla"Tipografía: King ThingsTipografía: Vinner HandTipografía: Medici TextTipografía: Old English TextTipografía: ParchmentTipografía: Plain Black WideTipografía: Lucida Calligraphy (+)

Electric lady land Kinetic Typography

Youtube (typography) (+)   29/05/2008

Kinetic typography of Fantastic plastic machine's Electric lady land (english) Author: sirrudolph Keywords: Kinetic typography of Fantastic plastic machine's Electric lady land (english) robot sex future gold purple Added: May 29, 2008 (+)

Ha, ha, ha, . . .

India, Ink. (+)   28/04/2008

“This, is an unsettling trend,” columnist William Sa,fire, told reporters. “We’re seeing a collapse of the grammatical rules that have, held, the English language, together for, centuries.”—“Commas, Turning Up, Everywhere,” The OnionPhoto: a row of comma (+)

“Bukra Extra Bold” Display type for Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai

Arabic Type (+)   18/03/2008

“Bukra Extra Bold” is an Arabic display typeface for “Ibn Battuta Mall” in Dubai. The English slogans and ads in the mall were done uses the Latin font “Futura Extra Bold”. They asked for an Arabic font that has the same feel and sturdiness as “Futura Ex (+)

Active literature: Jan Tschichold and New Typography

Tipografias (+)   04/05/2007

by Christopher BurkeHardcover: 224 pagesPublisher: Hyphen Press (1 Mar 2007)Language EnglishISBN-10: 0907259324ISBN-13: 978-0907259329synopsisThe central part of the book is made up of three chapters. First, a description of Tschichold’s typography in t (+)

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