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ThreeSix Typeface by MuirMcNeil Design Systems

Swiss Legacy (+)   08/11/2010

ThreeSix, design by MuirMcNeil Design Systems, is an experimental optical / geometric type system consisting of six typefaces in eight weights. It explores the possibilities of using systematic principles to generate geometric typeforms which are distinct (+)

New from insigne: Sommet Slab

insigne Design (+)   09/02/2010

The Sommet family of typefaces has been updated with a new slab serif variant. Expanding on Sommet’s successful design principals, Sommet Slab is there when you need more impact and power. Sommet Slab is available with six weights and complementary italic (+)

Fontworks unveils latest G-Type release: Organon

Typophile (+)   14/09/2009

Organon comprises two distinctive new families from type designer Nick Cooke, Organon Sans & Organon Serif, released through his G-Type foundry and distributed by Fontworks UK Ltd (’s six weight Organon Sans & Serif typefaces compleme (+)


Typophile (+)   04/08/2009

Poleno is a custom typeface originally designed in 2006 for the Slovak folk dance ensemble Poleno, as a part of their corporate identity. Ever since, new weights have been added to complete six variables and two different options for accents.The typeface (+)

G-Type designer Nick Cooke releases Organon Sans and Serif families

Typophile (+)   24/07/2009

G-Type designer Nick Cooke is delighted to announce the release of two new OpenType families: Organon Sans and Organon Serif in six weights from Light to UltraBlack. These new characterful typefaces have been thoughtfully designed for excellent legibility (+)

Guggenheim Redux

Hoefler & Frere-Jones (+)   07/05/2009

Typeface: Verlag LightFor one quarter of its lifetime, the Guggenheim Museum has enjoyed the use of a signature typeface created by H&FJ. The project originally commissioned by Abbott Miller, a sans serif in six styles called Guggenheim, has since grown i (+)

Malabar type family released

I love typography (+)   17/03/2009

by Dan ReynoldsLast week, Linotype released my newest typeface family, Malabar. With six fonts for the Latin script, Malabar is a sturdy oldstyle serif. Designed for extensive reading, Malabar was originally part of a larger design project conceived for I (+)


Youtube (typography) (+)   09/09/2008

While at AERA in Chicago, I came upon the six steps in the design process.While walking about in Toronto, I came upon some images that looked like typefaces.While listening to some blues recordings, I came upon Swordfish & The Dolphin.Enjoy the media... (+)

Modular Typeface design

TypeNew (+)   27/08/2008

Modular Typeface design from Bristol based Chris Clarke. Currently In productionBox contains 64 cubes. Typecube is a design tool used to facilitate the modular construction of letterforms. Typecube’s six faces each bear a unique formal component which pro (+)

Hamish Muir - Tephra Silkscreen Prints

Swiss Legacy (+)   02/04/2008

A series of six limited-edition prints (50)Format: 100 x 70 cm. Two-colour silkscreen (base colour + metallic overprint)Design: Hamish MuirTypeface: TephraPublished by: Dalton MaagBuy at: (+)

Type based on László Moholy-Nagy

TypeNew (+)   31/03/2008

As I was going through my class mates sites I came across this little type gem. From the designer,“After a wonder around the permanent collection of the Tate Modern, we had to select one work as inspiration to base a new typeface on. At least six charact (+)

Nick Shinn

glossário tipográfico (+)   11/08/2007

Foundry Shinntype was founded in Toronto in 1998 to publish the type designs of Nick Shinn, and has since released sixteen retail typeface families. Shinntype fonts are available from Faces,, FontHaus, FontShop, Fontworks, MyFonts, Phil’s Font (+)

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