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Kurt Weidemann 3/3

Typeradio Podcast (+)   05/11/2007

Kurt Weidemann collects fine art, 20th century paintings. Due to his redesign Deutsche Bahn could save half a million Marks a year on paint. He considers his own book his most important work. He even still buys copies himself. He believes his designs shou (+)

Kurt Weidemann 2/3

Typeradio Podcast (+)   31/10/2007

Kurt Weidemann designed corporate identities for Mercedes, Daimler, German Aerospace and Deutsche Bahn. And he wouldn’t do anything different if he could. He thinks his designs are still good, some even after 20, 30 years. Still he handles critique well. (+)

Kurt Weidemann 1/3

Typeradio Podcast (+)   26/10/2007

Kurt Weidemann doesn’t regard himself religious, although he calls himself Christ (the literal German word for ‘christian’). He says he is too simple to have rituals. He never relaxes, gets up at 5 every morning and works all day. He talks about his (+)

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